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Why Buying a New Car Tow Dolly is Recommended Over Buying Used

When it comes to investing in a car tow dolly, a common question consumers ask themselves is if it’s worth it to buy a new car tow dolly, or if a used dolly will suffice during their adventures. While we understand both are quite the financial commitment, sometimes it’s better to splurge on the new model rather than invest in a used tow dolly.

Picture this: while cruising down the highway on your way to vacation in the Rockies. During the journey, your car tow dolly could come unhooked or snap, sending your new Lexus or Hyundai into the ditch, effectively transforming it into a very expensive accordion.

You’ll spend days in a hotel as they clean up the mess and you file claims with your insurance company. It’s too bad they say the whole thing’s your fault, and your insurance doesn’t want to cover the damage you did to the power line on the side of the road.

If you bought a used dolly, in instances like these, you probably regret purchasing that used car dolly from a third-party seller.

As with any big purchase you make, you likely spend hours and hours researching the pros and cons of buying a used car dolly versus a new Car Tow Dolly.

There are multiple things you need to look at—some are obvious, while some are not. A new Car Tow Dolly is the best way to go to get the maximum safety and towing potential from your purchase.

Still on the fence if a new dolly is better for you in the long-term? Read on to find out why buying a new Car Tow Dolly is recommended over buying a used one.

A New Car Tow Dolly May Offer Better Quality

Tow dollies don’t lose much in terms of quality over time, but they will start to depreciate if they aren’t taken care of—just like any other mechanical device. 

With that being said, you can never be sure what the seller of a used car dolly has done with theirs; you may purchase a tow dolly that has never been oiled, cleaned, or maintained whatsoever until a week before you found the ad.

The same is true if the seller advertises a ‘hardly used’ dolly for sale. If you leave anything metal outside in the elements for years without use, it’ll soon be covered in rust and weeds (hardly used, though), and it makes a better planter than a tool to tow your expensive car with. 

If the car hasn’t been adequately cared for, it’s your word against theirs. But who stands to gain the most in that situation?

When buying car dollies for towing, it’s essential to realize all of the unknowns.

In order to acquire a reliable piece of equipment, it’s recommended to purchase a new Car Tow Dolly when you’re able. New models will most likely have better quality parts than a used car dolly. You’ll also know what to expect from your purchase since if any problems arise, they will be handled faster by the original manufacturer. 

The Cost: New Car Tow Dolly vs. Used Car Dolly

With all that being said, you might get an outstanding deal on a used car dolly. It’s hard to argue with a small upfront price—until it comes to maintenance. A used car dolly that wasn’t taken care of will force you to incur more costs over the lifetime of the dolly than if you bought new instead.

When you purchase a new Car Tow Dolly, you’ll know that salt, dirt, and water have not broken through its defenses and raided the bearings and joints, rendering them weak and ineffective. You’ll be able to conduct a successful maintenance schedule from the very first use, which will extend the lifetime of your dolly and cost you less money down the road.

No Major Upgrades Required

Just because you’re buying new doesn’t mean you’re limited to new features. You can shop around for a new Car Tow Dolly that suits your needs without having to upgrade it to use it as intended. 

For instance, if you need a car dolly to tow a car with a snowmobile on it, you can find car dollies for towing that are compatible with your needs, new, and ready to go.

A used car dolly may accommodate these new features, but you will also have to pay for the latest upgrades. That kind of money could be better spent on new tow ropes or wheel chocks. The new ropes and chocks will be compatible with your new Car Tow Dolly, but you won’t have to worry about whether or not the used car dolly is up to par.

When you buy new, you don’t need to fret over making sure that new purchases are compatible with any new features on your car tow dolly.

It’s All About Maintenance

If you purchase a tow dolly new, you can conduct a maintenance schedule from the first use, which will extend the lifetime of your new Car Tow Dolly and cost you less money down the road. However, if you purchase used, there is no guarantee that basic maintenance has been performed on it, much less any maintenance for new features.

Going new ensures that the car tow dolly doesn’t suffer from neglect that could have been prevented if it were new. You can skip all the work and time to get a used car dolly up to par because a new one is ready for action right out of the box.

With our Disc Brake Galvanized Car Tow Dolly, that maintenance only needs to be once every five years. With the heavy-duty construction of the hubs, axle, and tires, your dolly can tow a vehicle with a curb weight of nearly 5,000 pounds while staying rust-free and hassle-free as well.

Features of a New Car Tow Dolly

Buying a used car dolly means you won’t be privy to some of the new technologies that have emerged in this field. The new car dollies for towing provide you with new features, like a rear suspension system that makes for a smoother ride. They also come with new chassis designs and braking systems.

For example, the EZE-TOW dolly has mastered hydraulic disc brake technology to give you the best stopping power on the market today. And there are times out on the highway when you’ll need that stopping power, especially if you’re pulling a 2.5-ton metal box on wheels. It could save your Lexus from meeting that power line high in the Rocky Mountains.

Better yet, the entire dolly weighs only 405 pounds. Older, used models will weigh considerably more and have inferior construction standards.

A New Car Tow Dolly Can Give You Peace of Mind

Suppose you’re in the market for a tow dolly. In that case, you probably need it to pull exceptionally important automobiles, whether you’ve got an antique you show at local events or a Jeep that feeds your off-roading hunger. Instead of fearing if your used car dolly will hold immense weight or not, put your trust in a brand-new dolly that has no hint of wear and tear at all.

If you’re new to car dollies for towing, here are the advantages of getting one new instead of used:

  • A new Car Tow Dolly is guaranteed to be in excellent condition, so it will handle the weight and load more securely.
  • Many new car dollies for towing come with a warranty, so if there are any issues later on, they’ll be handled by the company that manufactured your new car tow dolly. For your convenience, our tow dolly from Acme comes with a warranty. Not that you’ll need it, of course—these dollies are built to last.
  • Your new car tow dolly will have a flawless appearance.
  • A new car tow dolly has no wear and tear—so it won’t make any noise while you use it, and the wheels won’t have any problems whenever you hit a bump mid-trip.
  • Since your new car tow dolly will be a quality piece of equipment, it will always perform the way you expect.

Older car dollies for towing are more of a burden than anything else: they can break down while in use, and they’re more likely to make your trip more difficult. If you opt for a new car tow dolly instead, you won’t ever have to worry about these issues.

If you’d like peace of mind while towing your precious cars around, then go with a new car tow dolly that’s guaranteed and already comes with everything it needs to go the distance. 

At Car Tow Dolly, we offer top-quality products that ensure optimal performance. Next time you’re about to hit the road, trust our new heavy-duty Car Tow Dollies to keep your vehicles secure. If you need additional assistance, use our “How To” videos to get started.

Would you like to learn more about the fantastic features of our Car Tow Dollies? Check out our catalog and contact us with any questions you have about our durable products.


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