Mr Auler and his Acme “EZE-TOW” Tow Dolly

Hi Richard – hope you enjoy this – and it is all TRUE – send me an email back that you got this – Thanks, ED (Skip)
Hi Richard,
Is was great talking with you and I look forward to meeting you in February. As promised, here is my review after using your product, the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly. Being an electrical engineer and IT Manager, I am very fussy and detail sensitive about the products I purchase. My wife always says "if you want detail talk to my husband”. That being said I will try and keep this short as "detailed" will allow.
The ACME EZE-Tow Dolly arrived on schedule and was in perfect condition. I proceeded to remove it from the crate and found it fully assembled with all connections welded as promised (no nuts and bolts to come loose). I assembled the plastic bumpers (love plastic bumpers because of rust), and the electrical wiring it required, in less than an hour. I then inspected the entire dolly top to bottom. I was VERY IMPRESSED with the attention to detail and the added structural integrity of the entire dolly.
You give integrity to the label "Made in America"! I rarely endorse any product but the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly is an exception because of it's quality and workmanship; this also includes credit to your employees who put the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly together.
I have just completed my first trip with the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly and am more than pleased with the setup and more important the handling of the dolly behind my 31' Coachmen Concord. Everything about this dolly was built to perfection – the axles, the wheel bearings, the tires, the brakes, the braking system, the mounting system and chains are all Class A excellent. I look forward to adding the new ACME Strapless Restraint System.
I have talked to many other RV'ers about their dollies and none remotely approached the quality of the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly. Then I tell them the price and they can't believe it.
You have a real winner in this product and I am a proud owner of the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly. When you are towing your favorite car behind you, you realize the importance of the quality that goes into the tow dolly. After experiencing the use of this dolly, I would never consider anything but the ACME EZE-Tow Dolly with that responsibility.
Thank you for building a quality fair priced product that I will enjoy for many years.
Very truly yours,
Ed Auler

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