Acme “EZE-TOW” Tow Dolly

Idler Car Tow Dolly - Acme Tow Dolly

Idler Tow Dolly
No Brakes


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Electric Brake Car Tow Dolly - Acme Tow Dolly

Car Tow Dolly with Electric Brakes


$199.99 Shipping. Nationwide shipping on every Disc brake dolly sold online today (Orig. $349.99)!


Build your Custom Car Tow Dolly Now - Acme Tow Dolly

Disc Brake Car Tow Dolly - Acme Tow Dolly

Car Tow Dolly with Hydraulic Disc Brakes


$199.99 Shipping. Nationwide shipping on every Disc brake dolly sold online today (Orig. $349.99)!


Build your Custom Car Tow Dolly Now - Acme Tow Dolly

Sold wholesale direct to public from the manufacturer in Kernersville, NC – Proudly engineered and built by hand in America!

  • Steam pressure washed and acid etched – 2 coats of premium enamel paint
  • Maintenance free sealed bearing system – Not available on Electric brakes – Unique oil bath bearing system
  • Black Plastic Fenders will never rust or dent – Scuffs still show black
  • Longest and Lowest ramps of all dollies allow for fast and easy loading of all cars
  • 100% fully welded – No fasteners to ever replace
  • LED Lights have a lifetime warranty – Average life expectancy is 11 years of continuous burning – 100,000 hours
  • ALL Serviceable parts available at all auto parts stores
  • 10 Ply E-Rated tires and wheels – Rated for 1,520 lbs each. Hold up to 80 PSI.
  • Now equipped with the all new Acme “SureGrip” Galvanized Steel Ramps





How many things in life have not changed in 35 years?

When Design, Function and Form converge together, you end up with a simple and great design. Please go to our Features page for a complete listing of the features that make this car tow dolly so special.

The modern auto tow dolly was created by Master Tow 35 years ago and was soon copied and followed by the Stehl tow dolly. Now every car tow dolly on the market is a copy of a copy of a copy with very few companies knowing why these dollies are made the way they are.

However, the Ultralight “EZE-TOW” car tow dolly has been built from the ground up. These new car tow dollies have been professionally engineered and designed to perform a specific task and do it well. You would think that there wouldn’t be much to it, but we took a simple idea and made more than 70 changes and improvements to make a good idea a great one.

First, we took out over 400 unnecessary pounds. This makes the Ultralight “EZE-TOW” the lightest dolly on the market today allowing for easy maneuverability. Just 380 pounds. Be assured, we would never compromise function for form.

The Ultralight “EZE-TOW” is still the most durable non-commercial car towing dolly available anywhere at any price. Our ST145 R12 10 Ply E-rated tires have an astonishing 1,520 lb. rating each for a total capacity of 3,300 lbs., which is significantly higher than most dollies on the market. Our dollies feature a full 3,500 lb. rated factory-built axle. This combination gives you the ability to tow a vehicle with a curb weight of up to 4,985 lbs.

Next, I want to inform you of the latent design flaws that exist in most car tow dollies today. Did you know that if you turn too sharp, their Car Tow Dolly fender will most likely make contact with the towed cars door? Some people know that now because of experience, not because they were cautioned about it. Thanks to our dolly’s unique wheel-to-axle geometry, it is “nearly” ( the lawyers words ) impossible to damage the towed car. We tried. We did things with an overloaded car tow dolly that no one in their right mind should ever try. Despite our efforts, we just could not make the fender of our Ultralight “EZE-TOW” hit the towed vehicle. ( Tested with a 15 passenger Chevy van with zero tolerance left between the fenders. ( However our dolly is not designed to tow vehicles this heavy or large. )

Did you know, that because of the obsolete and grossly inferior design of most car tow dollies on the market, it is impossible to adjust or bleed the brakes or service the brake backing plate from the inside at all. Trailer brakes are not self-adjusting and they require attention on a regular basis. Why don’t these other companies care about that? Why have they used this same, inefficient, unserviceable design for over 35 years? The Ultralight “EZE-TOW” is easily serviceable. Our hydraulic surge disc brakes never need adjusting and can be changed Very easily. If that isn’t enough, consider the fact that our dollies have the lowest platform height of all others on the market. Low platform height means trouble-free use.

We took it upon ourselves to solve these most common design flaws and provide the consumer with an efficient, reliable, lightweight, and durable car tow dolly.

Our tow dolly sells for quite a bit less than our competitors and includes a 5-10 year warranty. Our car tow dolly arrives fully assembled. All you have to do is bolt on the fenders. See our product page for more information on uncrating and assembly.

Hey, save some money AND get the best car tow dolly on the market.
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