Acme “EZE-TOW” Tow Dolly 2019


You’ve found the home of the most affordable, lightest, highest quality tow dolly value in the World !


To Celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are introducing the biggest, most significant
improvement in our company history.

The Fully Hot Dip Galvanized Car Tow Dolly!

Suggested retail price of the
2020 Generation EZE-TOW Car Tow Dolly is

Available November 2019. PrePurchase now and save BIG !! PrePurchase Sale is limited to the first 300 dollies sold at this historical low price. The best dolly we’ve ever built, the lowest price we’ve ever offered….Pre purchase now and receive a Partially Assembled “EZE-TOW” Car Tow Dolly for


Limited to the first 300 dollies sold.
$389.99 Nationwide shipping
100% Hot Dip Galvanized ! Rust free ownership for many years to come.
The first and original Disc Brake Car Tow Dolly. The most powerful and reliable braking system available.
Fully protected internal wiring. Stores vertically on its own. Comprehensive 100% warranty.

Our 2020 Car Tow Dolly has 6 significant improvements

  • 100% fully Hot Dip Galvanized
  • New improved EZE plug wire harness
  • Lighter, stronger ramp design
  • Replaceable components in case of damage or accident
  • All internal wiring
  • Improved, more reliable LED light design
  • Wider Wheel Pan for easier loading & unloading

The lowest priced, highest quality tow dolly in the world. Sold wholesale direct to the public.

At 350 pounds our dolly is the lightest and most heavy duty non commercial Tow Dolly in the World.

Partially Assembled

$1299.00 After $600.00 discount

To complete assembly you will need to bolt the plastic fenders, the tongue, the cross members. Your partially assembled dolly will arrive prewired. Just three quick easy plugs.

The primary brake line will be preinstalled. Connect the two axle brake lines, bleed the brakes as shown in the assembly video. You’ll need to purchase a small bottle of DOT 4 brake fluid. Some people assemble the dolly then tow it to a trailer repair service center to have the brakes bled.

All fasteners are pre positioned for fast easy installation. Can be assembled by one person, but two is recommended. See our Assembly video for a tool summary.
Delivered to the nearest freight terminal or business with a loading dock or forklift.

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