A customers true story…


Hi Richard,

This is my Acme Dolly story:

I had spent hour on the internet surfing sites that offered tow dollies. Each site had the benefits of what they had to offer. Since I had never purchased a tow dolly before, I thought I would get on the phone and talk to the sales department of a few manufactures.  You were certainly on the list. Your web  site just kept popping up! When I called you, you answered all of my questions. You also offered advice on what to look for when purchasing a dolly. You were thorough and sounded very sincere.

Based on our conversation and after reading every detail on your site, I decided to purchase an Acme dolly. The woman that answered the phone in your office was very helpful. She even suggested different ways to have the dolly shipped to save money as I live in Calgary, Alberta.  

The dolly arrived at my door within the allotted ship time. Included were all documents needed to import, license and register it. It was a very simple process.

My car has a low front end and it was painless driving onto the lower profile dolly. No issues at all.

Now the rest of the story………

This was my first time pulling a vehicle behind my motorhome (31 ft class A). My wife, father and I headed to Waterton Lakes, approximately 3 ½ hours south of Calgary. Within the first hour, we encountered hail. The roads were a little slushy. My concern was the performance of the dolly. It performed beautifully. We had no issues in the slush and hail. Believe it or not, one hour later we encountered another hail storm. This one was more sever. The roads become quite slushy and some cars headed into the ditch. I didn’t have a safe place to pull over so I kept on driving. The dolly pulled perfectly through the second storm. It must have been my lucky day because 40 minutes later we encountered a 3rd hail storm and once again, no issues.  July 19th 2010 (check it out on the weather sites) was not a good day to be on the road in these parts of Alberta. Needless to say, the dolly proved itself on the first day. After 2 days in Waterton, we headed into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This would be another test for the Acme trailer.  There were many of changes in elevation. Pulling up was easy, my concern was how well the dolly brakes would perform when really needed……going downhill with 7-8% grades. I was pleasantly surprised that the dolly was not pushing the motorhome down the hills. It pulled beautifully both going both uphill and downhill.

For those people that are looking for a tow dolly, I can tell you that my Acme trailer did a fantastic job on that first trip, and every trip since. I ever need another dolly I’m buying an Acme dolly!

On a side note, I just happened to be in a town close to Kernersville on business. I needed some straps (my car chewed up the first set) and a reflector (I damaged the original). I had met Richard and picked up the parts needed. He is a gentleman and a very fair business man. I gave me what I needed and then some……..he was kind enough to throw in a few extra parts for good measure.

I am a very satisfied customer!      Regards,    Brent Doherty




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