A customers 5400 mile review…


5400 Miles Later


My relationship with Acme Trailers began after a Google Search for a Tow Dolly.  The price of the tow dolly caught my eye but there was more research to do and questions to have answered.  Calling Richard, the President, yielded the answers to my questions.  He always responded by e-mail or on the phone in a timely manner often times the same day.  He helped me immensely in deciding to purchase his dolly.


I was amazed at the quick delivery time.  The freight company called to arrange delivery only a few days after I ordered it.  I was expecting a couple of weeks before it would be delivered.


The dolly arrived in its temporary housing in excellent shape.  The instructions for assembly were simple and it went together well with several “on lookers” from the neighborhood asking so many questions.


I tried out the dolly behind my van without a vehicle on it for the purpose of wearing off the protective coating on the brake system as mentioned in the instructions.  Only about 75% of the coating was worn off, probably because of the lack of weight on the dolly.  I called my good friend Richard and he said that it would be okay to store the dolly with it in that condition.  The wheels spun freely.


The Acme website has photos provided by a customer who stored his dolly “right side up” to save space.  I constructed my 14” x 14” dollies for the tow dolly, so that it could be moved around in my garage and clear the lights from the floor.  The Dolly found a home chained up against a support post in my garage.  I can easily lift the tongue up and down to secure it to the post.

 I purchased the dolly in September of 2010 and could not use it until February of 2011 when we traveled with our RV to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  I waited to write this summary until after we had put numerous miles on the dolly.  Having completed 5,400 miles on the dolly and an additional 2,000 miles on the car we towed, I can report an excellent experience.  It tows behind the RV (31’ Class C) without even noticing it.  The wheels of the dolly extend about 1 ½ inch on each side beyond the width of the RV allowing me to see the wheels all the time I am driving.

 The only thing I would do differently is to order a spare wheel and tire with the Dolly.  I was trying to save money and knew the tire would certainly not wear out with 5,000 miles of travel.  I did not consider a blow out from hitting something on the road, and as a result, held my breadth that did not happen.  I would have rested more securely had I had a tire with me in the event of a blow out.  I will have one from now on.

 You will not be disappointed with the Acme Dolly.  People are amazed when I move the Dolly by myself to temporarily store it when we stay at an RV park.



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