Acme Trailer EZE-TOW Car Tow Dolly Reviews

I am a mechanical engineer, certified RV Technician, and avid RV owner, so I know a thing or two about the RV industry; from a user, “fixer”, and engineering perspective. Therefore, I am pleased to have stumbled upon Acme Tank & Trailer while web surfing for a towing solution.

I have always owned motorized recreational vehicles, because my family and I enjoy using the amenities provided by our RV while travelling down the road. However, this means that we have always had to drive the coach around without the benefit of a tow vehicle. I had been wanting a tow solution for many years, but found that the solutions were generally cost prohibitive or undesirable in some other way.

I live in British Columbia, and therefore am generally required to have toad brakes by law, which is a good thing. But it also adds cost and complexity to a towing solution. This either meant adding a supplemental braking system to my towing solution, or purchasing a tow dolly with brakes. As an RV technician, I am well aware of the lack of logical thought that goes into drop axle and spindle drum brake systems. They are mostly non-adjustable due to lack of access. Also, the traditional tow dollies on the market are heavy and quite expensive.

Enter Acme Tank and Trailer. Richard, Melanie, and the team came to my rescue by developing and marketing a product that is “the bee’s knees”. The Acme tow dolly is well constructed, uses top quality components, and is up to half the weight of other dollies. Also, they are much more inexpensive. Not only that, but they made bringing my dolly into Canada a painless process, with all required paperwork included at no extra charge. Acme has re-designed the car tow dolly from the ground up, which is something that is long overdue, given that the design is almost 50 years old.

From the first time I used the dolly to tow my Toyota Prius, I knew I had a winner. The hydraulic surge disc brakes work like a champ, and best of all, are self-adjusting. The dolly tows straight and true, is easy to manoeuvre by hand, and tows my Prius like it’s not even there. I was apprehensive before about using a tow-dolly due to its size and weight, but the Acme dolly has alleviated all of those concerns, and it’s great to have people ask me about my dolly, instead of complain about it, in the RV parks. Thanks Richard and your staff!

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