EZE-TOW Tow Dolly review…

Hi Richard April 23 2010

Any concerns that we may have had in the past (Dealing over the internet, not knowing any individuals personally who have dealt with your firm or used your product) have now more than proven to be groundless. Your customer service is a model that other companies, regardless of their product, can definitely learn from. You have taken customer service from the corporate boardroom model and instead listen to what customers not just expect but added to that what they can only dream of if we lived in a perfect world.

Your product is without question the best option available. After an extremely easy delivery and assembly of our new car dolly, we loaded our 2009 Uplander, (with more weight inside than should be!) and left Northern Ontario, have travelled to Branson MO and onto the Grand Canyon on our way to Kelowna BC. In all honesty we cannot even tell if the trailer is behind our coach! Thanks for rear view camera’s!

On Tuesday evening we arrived in Amarillo TX just in time for a tornado to hit. To make a long evening a short story, while we were still on the road, the road itself was washed out and we ended up being buried up to our axles in good ole red Texas mud, that we found out is called ‘cliché.’ Believe me this stuff is sticky, slippery, heavy and the best glue I’ve ever seen. The heavy duty tow tow operator determined that the only way to drag us the 400-500 feet back to the asphalt was to leave the car dolly connected to our 24,000 pound coach and extricate us by hooking the tow cable to the dolly! After two hours and a $1500 tow charge we made it back to the undamaged road.

Amazingly the tow dolly was not affected in any way. The welds were intact and no one piece of mettle was even bent! Yesterday and today we continued our trip and are currently visiting the Grand Canyon.

Even after this torture test that we put your car dolly through, absolutely nothing was effected and the subsequent tow was no different than prior to the ‘incident’. I can’t imagine any other product even attempting to compare to yours. As with your customer service, your product is in a class above all of the rest. If fact the tow operator made the comment that your product is not only the best in design and functionality that he has seen, but is also priced ‘ridiculously’ low.

Thanks for your dedication and commitment to perfection

Laurice and Jennifer Hermiston

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