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How to Strap Down a Car on a Tow Dolly

If you’re someone who enjoys adventure, exploring, or wants to enhance your experience on the road, it’s essential to be able to transport your vehicle wherever it needs to go. Enjoying every avenue of life requires some off-roading experiences, and that’s one of the best parts of a tow dolly – it gives you access to your car at all times because it can carry the loads your RV or camper can’t do alone.

While the ability to transport your car where it needs to go is important, before you hit the road, you first need to know how to strap down your car to your tow dolly. Knowing how to tie down your car is an essential safety feature, and with the right procedures and tie-down straps, you can get on the road sooner than ever. Learn how to use your dolly straps below, so you can take off on your next adventure.


Steps Prior to Strapping

Before you can learn how to strap down your car to the tow dolly, there are a couple of essential steps that need to happen first, so you’ll be ready to go prior. Before you begin, it’s important to:

  • Attach the tow dolly to your RV, camper, or large vehicle, securing the tow with the proper safety chains, and securing the hitch of your RV to your tow dolly
  • Make sure all lighting and wiring is appropriately attached
  • Have the tow dolly properly aligned with your vehicle, so it can be loaded properly

Once the proper procedures have been completed with your tow dolly, and it’s attached to your vehicle of choice, it’s time to strap down your car to the tow dolly.


How to Strap Down Your Car

Once the car is aligned and ready to go, you can get started. First, get out the appropriate straps for the tow dolly, and once you are ready, follow these steps accordingly.

  1. Find the tire straps for your car, and lay them flat along your tow dolly
  2. Center your car in line with the tow dolly, and drive up the tow dolly slowly, until you feel the front tires securely fit into the tow bar.
  3. Turn off your car, secure the parking brake, and prepare to strap down the tires.
  4. Take the straps, and center them over your wheel within the inner and outer sidewalls.
  5. Once the straps have been properly aligned, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the winch spool, so the straps are secured down to the vehicle.
  6.  Remove the ramps and store them back on the front of the dolly. Install the safety chains from the dolly to your towed car. 
  7. Make certain the steering column is free to turn and that the parking brake has been released. 
  8. That’s it. You’re ready for travel!

With practice, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to strap down and secure your car to the tow dolly. However, it’s important to check the chains and straps accordingly once you’ve attached the car. Securing everything a final time is important. A few additional tips before you embark on your adventures:

  • Make sure your safety chains are secure between your dolly and the towed vehicle. 
  • Leave 2 or 3 inches of slack in the safety chains from the dolly to your towed vehicle.

Our wheel straps are fully adjustable, so you’ll never have to worry about the size of your towed vehicle tires when it’s time to go.


Benefits, and Things to Remember, about your Car Tow Dolly

A car tow dolly’s straps are designed to secure your car to the dolly. However, straps are consumable and must be replaced occasionally. 

It’s important to check the strength and integrity of your dolly straps regularly. Our straps will not ‘break’ but they can abrade through if they are allowed to rub on a suspension component. If you notice your tire straps getting worn down it’s a good idea to order new ones so your car and accessories will be secured for years to come. We recommend keeping an extra set on hand with you at all times.


For all of your additional questions and maintenance tips for our car tow dolly, check out our frequently asked question page for more tips, and browse our accessories page for all of the additional features your dolly needs to go the distance. If you have any questions about our product, give us a call at (336) 585-8629 or email us at


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