FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard of tow dolly wheel straps being abraded or cutting thru. How can I avoid this from happening?

This is an issue for every dolly on the market. It is your responsibility to check by feel and looking to verify that the wheel straps are not touching anything that could abrade or cut the straps. Straps are not warrantied against abrasion. Losing a strap in this manner can be dangerous. Check them often for proper fit and clearances. These straps do not “Break”

Will the wheel straps that you offer fit the tires on my vehicle?

Unlike our competitors, our straps are completely adjustable from 13 inch to 20 inch tires all makes and models of cars.

What exactly is the “ARS”?

The ARS is the Acme Restraint System. It consists of the High Tensile Strength Tracks, left and right winches, and fully adjustable wheel straps. At one time it included a set of heavy chains to be used in lieu of the wheel straps. However because of wheel sensors and brake lines on most modern cars the chain system was not practical and was discontinued soon afterwards. We do still include a set of safety chains that go from the dolly to the towed cars suspension as a redundant backup to the wheel straps and should always be used.

Do you supply an extra set of safety chains to attach the car to the dolly?

Yes, we supply a set of chains to serve as a backup to the wheel straps. They go from the dolly to the towed cars suspension and should always be used.

Can I back a loaded dolly?

Yes and no. In order to back a loaded dolly the RV, the dolly, and the car on the dolly all must be aligned and straight to begin with. Lock out the the dolly brake system. At some point the dolly and the towed car will begin a divergent path that cannot be corrected. At some point damage to the dolly tongue will occur. I have seen one customer back his loaded dolly 50 feet here at the factory. Just be careful.

I have heard that dollies are designed to work with front wheel drive vehicles. Can I use my rear wheel drive vehicle on your dolly?

All dollies are designed for front wheel drive vehicles. However many people have told us that they have towed their car backwards. Sorry we cannot advise you on this technique.

Will my vehicle work with your dolly?

It must be under 5000 lbs Curb Weight, under 3000 lbs front axle weight, less than 79 inches wheel width measured outside of tire to tire.

How long does it typically take for my order to ship, and then for me to receive the dolly?

All shipping times are quoted at the time of purchase.

How exactly is it shipped to me? (Does someone need to be here? How will I get the dolly off of the truck? How will I know when the shipment is coming?)

The dolly is shipped fully assembled as it is 100% fully welded. Just bolt on the fenders and lights. When the the dolly is shipped our shipper will send you a shipping notification with an estimated delivery date that is 96% accurate. They do require a signature and if necessary they will deliver it with a liftgate to be lowered to the ground. At that point just remove two bolts and you can roll the dolly anywhere you want it.

Do you have any dealers in my local area where I can see or purchase your dolly?

No.We do not have any dealers or distributors as we are a wholesale manufacturer selling directly to the public. We ship direct to our buyers from Kernersville NC. We are the manufacturer. No middleman markup.
Do you have any used tow dollies for sale in stock?

No. We are a manufacturer and we have nothing used for sale. No returns, no refurbs. Our website has a mention of used dollies, but that is simply a meta tag for Google search purposes.

What exactly comes with my dolly?

The dolly, wheel straps, winches, Backup safety chains, LED lights, 5 year warranty. Free LED lights requires online purchase thru our website.

Do I have to register my dolly? Does it include a title?

Dollies are considered equipment and as such are exempt from registration in most states. However a Federal Compliance decal with assigned and attached VIN number and Manufacturers Original Title is included. Replacement titles are available for $95.00 USD.

Is this tow dolly California and Canada compliant?

Canada is more restrictive than California. Our dolly is legal nationwide and Canada. To be so a dolly must have working brakes and for import or export to Canada the Federal Compliance decal must be printed in English and French. Lead wheel weights are illegal in 9 states, soon to be nationwide, but are allowed in Canada at this time, possibly to change in a few years. We are a registered manufacturer and exporter with the RIV office in Canada. 40% of our sales are in Canada.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. 40% of our sales are in Canada. We love our northern neighbors and we are very good at exporting to Canada. Our hydraulic disc brake dollies are 100% compliant. We include a Nafta Certificate so there is no duty tax to pay. We can ship to a state side address of your choice or you can simply pick up at the Freight Terminal nearest to you. State side pickups include all necessary paperwork to cross the border. We now ship to all points in Canada.
Please feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions
you have.

We are always happy to assist you.

Do I need a brake controller in my towing vehicle to use your disc brake system?

No. A Brake controller is not required. Our brakes are self actuating. Just connect the dolly to your 2 inch ball. The actuator senses inertia and is activated. A very smooth, sensitive and powerful braking system. In a panic you will feel the dolly helping you stop. Our braking system includes a simple but very effective breakaway device. Should the dolly come off the ball for any reason the brakes will go to full lock up to bring everything to certain stop very quickly. The Electric brake dolly does require a Brake Controller in your RV.

Close Is your disc brake system nationwide compliant?

Yes. Our brake design exceeds all federal requirements in the US and Canada.

Close Is the tire size a common size to find, and how well do they function on posted speed limits?

]Yes and no. The tire size is fairly easy to find, but the “E” weight rating usually has to be ordered. Of course we stock them and can ship a set of tires to you very quickly. We have thousands and thousands of these tires on the road every day. They are very reliable and robust. When the dolly is properly loaded they can travel safely at any posted speed limit. Leave plenty of braking room.

How long will a set of tires last?

It depends on the application, the road conditions, hard braking etc. We have customers that get 5000 miles and some get 20,000 miles from their tires. The passenger side tires wear faster because that side of the road is always worse. If the roads you travel are rough your tires will wear faster. Dollies do not have suspensions out of necessity. Therefore the tire is the only suspension component for a dolly. Uneven tire wear could be an indication that the bearings need to be adjusted. We now balance our tires with internal balancing beads. No need to ever balance the tires.

Yes, you can tow our tow dolly unloaded for as far as you want because it is 100% fully welded. No fasteners to work loose, replace or tighten. Our competitors warn you in their owners manual not to tow their dolly more than 50 miles unloaded. We recommend storing the ramps in your vehicle for unloaded travel.

I had a Master Tow dolly that was Powder Coated and still rusted. How well does your Paint age?

All dollies suffer from road rash. They are in the direct wake of the RV tires in front of them and are subjected to a constant barrage of fine particles. Some not so fine. Our dolly can be easily repainted or touched with any high gloss enamel paint. Many customers will do this for winter storage. Your dolly will look great for years to come. About $15.00 and 45 minutes tops.

Will my wheel straps last forever?

No. Wheel straps are consumables for all tow dollies. They do all the work and are under tremendous stress.

How much storage space do I need to store your dolly?

Our tow dolly is the only tow dolly on the market that can be stored in a vertical position requiring a 25 inch x 102 inch footprint. Our dolly will easily tuck under the rear of most coaches about 85%. Our tow dolly is 102 inches wide, 92 inches long and 27 inches tall to the top of the fenders, weighs 330-380 pounds. It will stand on its on without an aid but we recommend restraining it in some manner.

What tools will I need to bolt on the fenders?

A #2 Phillips head screwdriver to hold the carriage bolts still while you tighten up the Nylock bolts with a 9/16 drive socket. The lights are already installed and tested.

What height does the hitch need to be at?

The hitch height needs to be set at 14-16 inches with 14 inches being ideal for most vehicles. However, if you are ever towing a low profile vehicle you need the hitch heigh to be at 12 inches.

How do I arrange for warranty service if I need it?

All warranty work is done in place anywhere in the world you may be. In case of emergency everything on our dolly that is serviceable can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

We require that you contact us regarding any warranty claim. We can send you all the parts you will need. This helps prevent the potential for price gouging from a repair center. More common than you may realize. ( we once had a repair center that wanted $189.00 for $7.00 worth of parts ) Our warranty excludes labor charges however depending on the circumstances and age of the dolly we may offer reimbursement at a reasonable rate. We know what it takes to repair a dolly.

That is why we want you to call us first. FYI, since 2006 we have had a .04 percentage of warranty claim history. We would not back our car tow dolly with a 5 to 10 year warranty if we were concerned about durability. We previously owned a very successful trailer manufacturing and repair business.

We learned from that that no matter how much people paid for trailers, ( 5 to 12k ) they still did not properly maintain them. We started building our trailers with disc brakes and sealed maintenance free oil bath bearing systems. We brought that design element to our tow dolly. In other words, we took the maintenance out of the customers hands. That is why we can offer a 5 to 10 year warranty on the critical moving parts. We have a 15 year trouble free history with these components.

How do I arrange for the optional 10 year warranty for $125.00 ?

Our warranty is for 5 years and that can be doubled to 10 years for $125.00 at the time of purchase.

What is your return policy?

The dolly industry is plagued by people who only need a dolly for one move and no longer need it until their next move. A lot of potential for abuse. U-Haul will only rent dollies to a handful of makes and models, thus driving people to the retail market. Add to that the issue of cost of shipping and crating requirements by the shipper it is nearly impossible to arrange return delivery. As such we have a very strict policy of no returns, no charge backs, no refunds. We enjoy a very high CSI ( Customer Satisfaction Index ) of 98%.

What is the EchoSign email I received after placing my order?

These days Merchant Services are very diligent and cautious about online and phone sales. Especially big ticket items. They now require an after purchase confirmation process that helps to confirm the identity of the buyer. Sending a confirmation to your email address helps validate the purchase or to reveal any potential fraudulent activity. If a thief has stolen your card information he must respond to the email to complete the purchase. If he does not respond we stop the purchase process, if he does respond we have have a track back to his IP address and the email information even if bogus will help the authorities to locate him.

In addition it allows to confirm in writing what you have purchased. It also details our return policy.

What is the tongue weight of the dolly?

Right at 50 lbs in your hands. Our Car Tow Dolly design allows you to stand all the way straight up, making maneuvering the dolly much easier. The higher you raise the the tongue the lighter the tongue weight feels. Our wide 8.5 inch tires make moving over terrain very easy. On a properly loaded tow dolly the tongue weight will always be 10-15% of the weight over the axle of the tow dolly. Remove the steel ramps from the tongue for a lighter load. The Idler and the Electric brake dolly will be about 27 pounds in your hands.

What types of payments do you accept?

Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Cash, Checks, Gold. ( Oh yea, we’ve had people buy with gold ) You can use an American Express card thru our website. However some high value bonus point cards are rejected by Paypal because of the cost associated with accepting them. The card companies charge the retailer or Merchant Services an extra fee for those cards. You do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase online. You can still just use your card thru Paypal without joining. Just look carefully for the link that indicates your desire to just use your card. FYI, when purchasing online thru our website the transaction is fully encrypted and no human ever sees your information. We process several million dollars worth of transactions a year and have never had a single issue.

How exactly do your brakes work?

Brilliant and simple. Understand that the coupler that goes over your 2 inch ball is actually a large piston extending back into the actuator housing. When you apply your RV brakes, or have any deceleration at all, the weight of what you are towing press’s forward and pressurizes the brake line. It is a very powerful, precise and sensitive braking system from mild deceleration to panic braking. No delayed hit, no chucking, just very precise simultaneous braking with your coach. Emergency break away cable insures a full brake lock up in case of separation of the tow dolly from the ball. The only DISC brake tow dolly in the world. The Idler dolly has NO BRAKES and the Electric brake dolly requires a Brake Controller.

What is a sealed maintenance free “Vault” bearing system?

Sealed maintenance free bearings are commonly used on expensive equipment trailers. Our particular system is very innovative. We use a special Hybrid grease that is much like a gel at cool temperatures and becomes an oil bath when it heats up. Oil bath lubrication is the safest and most reliable bearing lubrication system. We have used this technology for years and we know it is trouble free. More importantly it takes the maintenance out of the customers hands. Using this bearing and disc brake design allows us to offer our 5 to 10 year warranty because we are not depending on the customer to perform preventative maintenance. The Electric brake unit does not include the VAULT bearing system but is equipped with Easy Lube Hubs.

Where are you located?

We are located in Kernersville NC. All our Tow Dollies are manufactured right here in NC and shipped to your door from here. You are welcome to visit us anytime you are nearby. We have around 20 people a week pick up their new Car Tow Dolly at the factory. We’ll even help you load and secure your car if you want. We normally ship everything we make every day. If you want to pick up a fully assembled dolly we need to know in advance so we can prep one for you.