Dinghy Towing: Things to Know Before You go

So you’ve decided to tow. Well, there are some things you should know before you go.

Towing your family vehicle behind your RV can be an infinitely rewarding decision. If you’re headed to an area with shoddy or compact road conditions, that decision becomes trip-saving as there are some places an RV just can’t go. Instead, you can hop in the old Jeep and make your way down routes that would make your RV rear up in fear. Plus, you’ll save on gas. We probably didn’t have to tell you that.

Having a regular vehicle on trips also gives you the freedom of running to the store, running out for coffee, etc. More and more, towns are becoming highway-centric, and bicycles may not be the safest or most practical option all the time. On a camping trip, you’ll probably need a smaller vehicle to make it to the trailhead of your planned hikes, too. This is when your car tow dolly comes in handy.

Still, towing a two-ton vehicle behind your 10-ton vehicle can seem daunting, so we’re here to give you a few helpful bits of information about dinghy towing.

  • Use caution. It’s okay to be apprehensive about your first time towing. You’ll be in control of a lot of mass with a lot of momentum. You’ll feel more comfortable with a little practice, though. The EZE-TOW dolly is much safer and more secure than other models on the market. Remember, you don’t have to go quickly. You’ll get there eventually regardless of what your speed is, and the traffic behind you will get there too. It’s always safer to be in control of your vehicle than it is to rush so the car behind you will stop tailgating.

When you’re picking up your EZE-TOW dolly, bring your RV along, too. You’ll be able to get the feel for the extra length on your way home without the added vehicle weight. The dolly will bounce around a bit, but once you’ve got the weight of your car on it that will cease. Practice maneuvering around and get a feel for the dolly without a car attached. When you’re comfortable, add the car.

  • Practice loading and unloading. Once you’ve mastered driving with the EZE-TOW dolly, it’s time to learn the ins and outs of loading and unloading your towing system. We provide three user’s manuals with our dolly; please be sure to read them all.

Locking up your vehicle is a two-man job: one to drive and one to spot. It’ll soon be an easy task driving your car onto the industrial-strength lightweight ramps that come with the EZE-TOW dolly. Always pick hard, level ground!

Once you’re locked in to the dolly, release the parking break and set the vehicle in the appropriate gear. Depending on your front- and rear-wheel drive options, you’ll have to pick a different gear (all this is laid out in the owner’s manual).
Read our how-to for detailed instructions on how to load a car onto your dolly.

  • Know your weight. In some small towns and more remote areas of the country, you may find bridges that won’t hold your weight. Don’t chance it; go somewhere else. Plan your route thoroughly with your GPS before you leave, and have backup routes in case you encounter excessive construction or hazards, like old bridges.

In addition, there may be some trailer parks that won’t be able to accommodate the size of an RV with a full car in tow. Unless you’re staying at a site where you know you’ll fit, it’s best to call ahead with your dimensions to assure you’ll be welcome.

There are tons of online forums where you can get information from other RVers about road conditions and the best places to stay overnight.

Here’s a tip: all the most popular national parks will require you make a reservation during peak season anyway, so call way in advance to lock up your perfect vacation spot in Yosemite or Yellowstone.

Now that you’ve got dinghy towing down to a science, you’re ready to head out on the big open road. We’ve laid out a lot of things you need to be careful and mindful of, but don’t forget to have fun! With a great RV comes great responsibility, as you know, but it also comes with great times and great memories.

Acme Tow Dolly Company is here to help you make those memories.

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