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What are the Parts of a Tow Dolly?

The decision to own a car tow dolly should be an easy one, especially if you find yourself traveling quite often with an RV. There’s nothing like canvassing the country to see all that Mother Nature has to offer, but you can only do so much in an RV. Once you reach your first stop of the trip, you will want to branch out using a traditional motor vehicle, especially if you are headed into a park or up into the mountains.

A tow dolly is a great way to bring your car or SUV with you on long trips across the country. It helps you save money on having the vehicle transported via a car carrier or paying someone to drive the vehicle to your destination. A car tow dolly bundle from Car Tow Dolly is affordable and comes with all of the parts you need to safely and efficiently tow your vehicle with your RV on your next road trip.

Before you make the purchase of a tow dolly, you should know the tow dolly parts so you are prepared for installation and if you need to replace parts or repair them during your trip.

No Proprietary Parts

Before we delve into the parts you will find on one of our tow dollies, it’s important to note that we do not use any proprietary parts when manufacturing the dollies. This means that we do not use parts from other countries, which forces you to buy replacement parts from those companies. 

Our parts can be purchased just about anywhere, including online sources and automotive stores across the country. So, if you are in need of a replacement part while on the road, you can save time and money and be back on track in no time.

US Department of Transportation and Canada-Approved Lighting

The lighting used on the tow dollies manufactured by Car Tow Dolly is approved by both the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Canada. Every tow dolly comes equipped with LED turn signal lights, stop lights, and taillights. The lights are installed high above the ground to prevent damage. 

LED Lighting

There’s nothing better than LED lighting these days, especially when on a dark road at night. LED lighting is much brighter than the lighting used in the past in vehicles. We install LED lights on all of the tow dollies that are purchased online. LED lights can last for more than 100,000 hours, which means you shouldn’t have to replace them for at least 11 years.

The Coupler

Also included in the tow dolly parts is the coupler. The coupler we manufacture has a two-inch ball housing that is very safe and easy to use.

Adjustable and Removable Ramps

The “EZE-TOW“ Car Tow Dolly we sell has adjustable and removable ramps, making it the only tow dolly on the market with these features. The ramps can be positioned either in or out based on your needs when towing a vehicle and it’s quite easy to put the ramps into the desired position. The ramps weigh just 22 pounds apiece but are rated for 3,000 pounds. These ramps can be used with roughly 98 percent of cars but should never be used on top of soft earth or gravel.

Heavy Duty Special Use Tires

The tires we use on our tow dollies are the ST145 R12, which are 6” wide and 22 inches tall. These tires are radial, low-profile that come with an E rating and 10-ply. Each tire installed on the tow dolly is rated for 1,520 pounds and the axle has a rating of 3,300 pounds. Internal balancing beads ensure that you never have to think about balancing these tires. These tires are very high-quality tires and not usually stocked. They would probably be an order item. We recommend always having a spare and even replacement tires available.  Just in case you suffer damage in an accident or due to road hazards while on your trip.


The spindles on the tow dolly are cambered at zero degrees for the proper tire position under load. The spindles are set at two thousands of an inch for tolerance. 

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Other tow dolly parts used on our tow dollies include hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are fully vented double vane disc brakes, providing more than triple the efficiency when braking than traditional drum brakes. The brake pads can be clearly seen, making them easy to replace and maintain at all times no matter where you are.

Safety Chains

Safety chains go hand-in-hand with the steel hooks used to secure the tow dolly to the RV. Picture the chains you see on a boat trailer. You cannot operate your RV while towing a dolly without the safety chains. They help keep the dolly attached to the RV when and if there is a disconnection at the hitch.

Wheel Straps

Wheel straps come with the tow dolly bundle and other tow dolly parts. Wheel straps are important when transporting a vehicle on a tow dolly. The wheel straps help to strap down the front wheels of the vehicle being towed onto the dolly. These straps are completely adjustable, which means the size of your vehicle’s front tires will not matter.

Adapter Plug

Not everyone will need to use the adapter plug when using the tow dolly with an RV. However, the adapter plug can come in handy if you cannot plug the wires into the RV from the dolly.

Spare Tire and Wheel

If you purchase the Car Tow Dolly bundle, you will receive a spare tire and wheel in that bundle. Many tow dolly manufacturers make you purchase the spare tire and wheel separately. If you are headed out for a cross-country trip, be sure to go with the bundle so you don’t have to worry about finding a spare tire when it’s too late.

Emergency Breakaway Cable

Every generation of the tow dolly from Car Tow Dolly comes equipped with an emergency breakaway cable. This cable is important to have on your tow dolly in the event that it comes unhitched from your vehicle or RV. Should the tow dolly breakaway from the towing vehicle.

Are you preparing for a cross-country trip with the family in your RV? Do you need to tow a vehicle from one state to another? No matter your reason, the tow dolly parts from Car Tow Dolly can make your trip or project easy for all involved. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us to speak to a member of our team. We are conveniently located in Kernersville, NC, and can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.


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