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Can I Tow With A Two Wheel Drive Vehicle

Towing vehicles is a practice that happens thousands of times a day. Towing is not a difficult or dangerous process as long as it is done correctly. Knowing what your vehicle is capable of is one of the most critical steps in proper towing. If you wonder if your two-wheel drive vehicle is capable of towing, then you are in the right place. 

Two Wheel Drive Vehicles

A two-wheel-drive vehicle can either be a rear-wheel-drive vehicle or a front-wheel-drive vehicle. These types of vehicles are a much simpler design than four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles. For the most part, the front-wheel-drive vehicle is going to have a bit better performance than a rear-wheel drive. 

  • Front-Wheel Drive: The transmission and the majority of the weight of the vehicle are positioned over the front two wheels. This allows the vehicle some added traction and makes it easier to pull. Front-wheel drive vehicles can be a little sensitive when it comes to weight distribution; the use of a car tow dolly can help with this. 
  • Rear Wheel Drive: A rear-wheel-drive vehicle is essentially pushing at all times. Since there is not as much traction, the rear-wheel-drive can struggle in slippery conditions. Rear-wheel drive vehicles can also have a hard time on a ramp as they are trying to push up the ramp instead of pulling up the ramp. When there are no ramps involved with your towing process, the rear-wheel-drive vehicle is often thought of as the best choice. 

Benefits To Towing With A Two Wheel Drive Vehicle

Some car owners believe that a four-wheel-drive vehicle is needed to tow. This is not the case. A two-wheel-drive vehicle can be better at towing because it does not use all of its power and energy to spin all the axles on the car. 

Another vital advantage of towing with two-wheel-drive vehicles is that it is going to be much more cost-effective. Using a four-wheel drive to tow a vehicle will burn a considerable amount of fuel. 

Disadvantages To Towing With A Two Wheel Drive Vehicle

Although two-wheel drive vehicles are considered to be the best options for towing, there are a few situations that you must be aware of. 

If you are towing on surfaces that are not even, you may want to consider using a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle.

You must also be aware of the weight distribution when using a two-wheel vehicle to tow. The four-wheel vehicle will handle the weight distribution much easier than the two-wheel. You can use a Car Tow Dolly to help make the towing process much easier on your two-wheel drive vehicle. 

How A Car Tow Dolly Can Help 

If you have a lighter two-wheel-drive vehicle and you are worried about its ability to tow, than you should consider a Car Tow Dolly. The Car Two Dolly is the lightest tow dolly available on the market. There is no reason to make things more difficult on your two-wheel drive vehicle with a heavy and cumbersome tow dolly. 

In addition to the lightweight features of the Car Tow Dolly, it is also the widest car tow dolly on the market. The width helps to keep the front-wheel-drive vehicle more balanced and the weight better distributed. Sometimes a product like this can make all the difference when you decide to tow with your two-wheel drive vehicle. 

Although the two-wheel drive vehicles are great for towing, you need to be aware of your car’s individual limitations. Using a Car Tow Dolly can significantly reduce the load, and the strain put on your vehicle and make the entire process that much safer. If you have any additional questions about the Car Tow Dolly and how it makes towing with a two-wheel-drive car easier, feel free to call or email us.


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