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The Best Place for Tow Dolly Storage

If you’re taking a break from travels, or aren’t planning on towing a vehicle in the next few months, you might want to unload and store your tow dolly somewhere safe. While most tow dollies require a large travel space, we’re here to help you with your tow dolly storage, and explain just how easy it is to store the EZE TOW Car Tow Dolly in your home.

The EZE TOW Car Tow Dolly makes for Easy Storage

Many dollies have to be stored horizontally, which can take up lots of space in your garage or storage unit. Instead of being able to use your space for practical storage, keeping your tow dolly under your roof just becomes more of a hassle.

Instead of wondering where you’ll find the space to store your dolly, the EZE TOW Car Tow Dolly simplifies your tow dolly storage experience. Our tow dolly is currently the only dolly model that is capable of being stored vertically – which means you’ll regain all the square footage you’d been missing in your garage.

The EZE TOW dolly can be stored in a vertical position, and only requires a 25-inch by 102-inch space. You can store our dolly along the side of your garage, storage container, or outside of your home with ease. It’s never going to take up unnecessary storage space, so you can stow away your dolly with ease.

Plus, 85% of our dolly can tuck under your RV, so it can store easily right under your RV while you’re out camping. 


What are our Car Tow Dolly Dimensions?

Our tow dolly’s size is 102 inches wide by 92 inches long and is 27 inches tall reaching the top of its fenders, so while it’s a considerable size, it can still be stored fairly easily. Plus, our dolly only weighs 330-380 pounds, so you can maneuver it safely on your own.

While our dolly will stand on its own without assistance, restraining it is just going to guarantee the safety and structural support while it’s not in use. Use tie-down straps, or something similar, to secure your dolly in your garage or storage room.


Where to Store Your Tow Dolly?

On the road, the best place to store your dolly is probably under your RV, so it’s out of sight and secure. Considering that so much of your dolly will be protected by your RV, it should be safe for a considerable period of time.

Outside of when you’re on the road, your car tow dolly should be able to fit inside your garage, or under your RV when you’re home. Depending on where you park your RV, our tow dolly can remain safely stored under your RV, or in another secure location. The vertical storage capability of our car tow dolly means it’s easier than ever to store and maneuver your tow dolly as you see fit.

Need more help securing your dolly? Take a moment to review when you should replace your tow dolly tire straps, and how to load and tow your car behind an RV.


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