Benefits of Towing Your Car While RVing

Some RVers are reluctant to tow another vehicle behind their already large motorhome, but having to take your four-wheeled home with you everywhere you go can be very inconvenient, especially for shopping and sightseeing. Towing your car behind your motorhome gives you an extra set of quick wheels to get you out and about town for less gas and with less luggage. The extra wheels make it easier to explore cities, attend events, and more. If your RV needs repairs, another great benefit of towing your car behind is that you can leave your motorhome at the shop for repairs and go to a restaurant or motel instead of being forced to sit and wait until your RV is back in tip-top shape.

Traveling with Family

When more than one person is traveling in an RV, there may be times that everyone doesn’t want to do the same thing. Having your car with you means that a couple of people can go off by themselves while others stay at the RV park. It also makes traveling with kids easier because you don’t have to round everyone up to run a simple errand—an adult can stay with the kids at camp while you run to get some hamburger buns or drinks.

Many people who have RVs travel across many states to visit family members and vacation spots. And families often want to do things together such as visit an amusement park or eat at a restaurant. It can become difficult to rely on family members to transport you from their home to wherever you are going and back again while you are in town. Having a smaller vehicle with you means that you don’t have to rely on anyone else for transportation during your trip, especially if the places you are going cannot accommodate a larger RV.

Fuel Economy

Many people take day trips after they have reached their destination. Driving out to the beach or special attractions usually only takes an hour or two, but motorhomes are not very fuel-efficient and you may end up spending three times the normal amount of money on fuel if you drive the motorhome instead of a car. It can also be a hassle to disconnect the motorhome from power, water, and septic hookups if you are only going to be gone for a day and plan to come back to the same spot. A motorhome will get similar fuel economy whether or not you are towing a vehicle, so your fuel costs are not significantly increased when towing a vehicle and will even be reduced if you take day trips.


One of the most difficult aspects of traveling in a motorhome is that they are difficult to park and many cities do not have parking available for large vehicles. Attending a large event often means parking in a parking garage, which will not be able to accommodate a large motorhome. It would be a huge disappointment to have to miss a concert or sporting event because your vehicle is too big.

Even if you don’t have to park in a parking garage, driving a large vehicle around an unfamiliar city can be stressful and dangerous. GPS units are helpful for navigation, but people still get lost in unfamiliar areas. You may end up accidentally going down a dead-end road and have trouble turning around your motorhome. Navigating in a car can save you this issue, because you can turn and switch lanes much faster than you can in a motorhome. Even if you go the wrong way and have to make a U-turn it’s not half as stressful in a smaller car.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining your RV is a big part of being a responsible RV owner. If you have a car, one person can drive the RV to the shop while the other person follows. Then they can ask to be called when the repairs are complete. This leaves them free to spend time doing other things instead of being stuck at the shop waiting around for hours. Even if the repairs take longer than anticipated, people who have their vehicle with them can drive to a local motel and spend the night in town without worrying about how they will get to the places they need to go until the repairs to their motorhome are complete.

Towing a car while RVing includes many benefits, like getting around faster, saving gas, and even getting away from the rest of the group for a while. Although it may seem like a larger trial when you first set out on your travels, chances are you’ll find towing a car to be beneficial to your peace of mind and your pocketbook.


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