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Most affordable, lightest, highest quality tow dolly value in the World !


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Some assembly required.


Stores Vertically


6 month warranty

Level Two Warranty Upgrade

Warranty Level Two.

3 Years.

Same as above warranty but the all inclusive warranty is extended to three years.

Level Two Warranty is to original buyer only. Non transferrable.

*See below for more details before purchase ↓↓

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FREE Nationwide Shipping on the most affordable, lightest, highest quality Car Tow Dolly! Bundle includes a Spare Tire, Wheel Straps and a 3-Year Extended Warranty.

You’ve found the home of the most affordable, lightest, highest quality tow dolly value in the World !


To Celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are introducing the biggest, most significant improvement in our company history.

Galvanized: 100% fully Hot Dip

Wire Harness: EZE plug wire harness

Ramp Design: Lighter & stronger

Replaceable Components: in case of damage or accident

Wiring: All internal

Wider Wheel Pan: easier loading & unloading

Lights: Improved & more reliable LED lights

Some Assembly Will Be Required

To complete assembly you will need to bolt the plastic fenders, the tongue, the cross members.

Your partially assembled dolly will arrive prewired. Just one quick easy plug.

The primary brake and axle lines will be pre installed. Just connect one fitting. Bleed the brakes as shown in the assembly video. You’ll need to purchase a small bottle of DOT 4 brake fluid. Some people assemble the dolly then tow it to a trailer repair service center to have the brakes bled.

Can be assembled by one person, but two is recommended.

See our Assembly video for a tool summary.

Stores vertically on its own!

Car Dolly Vertical Storage

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Car Tow Dolly Inc. IconCar Tow Dolly Inc.

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4.5 37 reviews

  • Avatar Larry Coppock ★★★★ a month ago
    I am a previous owner of an Acme tow dolly and was totally satisfied so when it was destroyed in a fire I decided to buy another. This is my initial take on dolly and problems I encountered during assembly. The dolly arrived still in the … More crate with the yoke and support “L” beams not attached. The crate was crushed making parts removal rather difficult. Putting together this version was nothing like the previous version. Though not complex, no instructions were provided with the shipment nor after requesting them. Because of the self locking nuts it’s best to have plenty muscle to tightly secure them, or better yet, an impact wrench. Don’t assume anything and check everything. Because the brake line to the main cylinder was part of the main arm I assumed the brake line would have been hooked up to the main cylinder. It wasn’t and resulted in brake fluid being pumped onto the floor. Not only was it not hooked up to the cylinder but there was also a leaked at one of the disc brakes. The brake bleeding process is not hard and adequate directions are supplied with the instructions for the hydraulic brake actuators. You will find a need for two wrenches in all cases not involving an impact wrench. Even with an impact wrench another wrench is required due to the nature of the holes. All major holes are round therefore requiring a wrench to hold one side while the other is being tightened. Should bolts with square seating have been used with square frame holes the process would have been much simpler though not easier in the muscle capacity. Lastly, if the unit is to be stored in it’s advertised upright position it requires the wheels be chalked so they don’t move while trying to raise the it into position. Chalks need to be low profile as they might otherwise interfere with the fenders as was my case using 4” high chalks. Even with the chalks in place I had a heck of a time raising the dolly into it’s end position. About mid-way the weight becomes substantial and if it can’t be handled trouble can occur. Best to have an extra set of muscles. Now that it’s together and I feel confident I’ve not missed anything having no checklist or instructions I’m ready for the road. I’ve confidence this dolly will perform as advertised if it preforms similar to my previous dolly. If not, another review will occur.
  • Avatar 1D10CRACY . ★★★★★ a week ago
    Purchased this to tow my Chevy Volt behind my RV. I chose this model because of a few things. First, its made here in the USA, and I love supporting local companies! Second, the design! I wanted surge brakes, as I didn't want … More to add a brake controller to my RV. I wanted a fixed dolly, my car is a newer model and the steering wheel isn't lockable. I also wanted galvanized, as I live in a rust belt! Its light, easy to handle, and works very well for what I need! I was worried over one reviewer who mentioned he had a volt, but I must assure you, he is wrong. Had he read his manual or did a little bit of online digging, he would of learned Volts have a "Transport Mode", it basically puts the volt into a deep sleep. Also pulling the 12 volt battery isn't "Volt Suicide", its actually recommended in GMs service manual when working on the 12v system, I do it all the time. As for the unit itself, its light enough to man handle, but sturdy enough o hull even the heaviest cars! I will be doing a full Utube review on this in the next few months when the weather breaks!
  • Avatar Jeffrey Peterson ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    For the first trip with the new tow dolly, we went to the coast (700+ miles round trip) carrying our Honda Odyssey (4500 lbs). The tow dolly worked great, it was easy to pull and set up with our RV. Build quality is great, most of the drive … More was rainy and windy so the new Galvanized coating was great and appears to hold up well to road grim and water. Customer Service was great to work with for some shipping issues. Looking forward to many more trips.
  • Avatar Danny Anderson ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Very pleased with this dolly. I pull a 2019 Ford Transit Connect with my RV and with the hydraulic brakes to help on downgrades it’s a great asset. The adjustable ramps sets it above any other dolly made. Add quality construction and … More excellent customer service, you have the best of all worlds.
  • Avatar Robert Hoffman ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    The Acme tow dolly that I have is a 2014 model with 10,000 miles on it. It has been a dependable tow dolly and I like several features about it. The storaway ramps and the low profile allow me to store it easily underneath my motorhome. … More I also like the self-balancing wheels. My wife and I can hook or unhook the car within 15 minutes. The customer service deserves a five star rating. They get back to me quickly when I have a question.
  • Avatar David Andrews ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I purchased my tow dolly in early 2019 and as of this writing in November I am quite pleased. I have towed a Prius at least 4-thousand miles behind both an Expedition and my motorhome. I like its light weight and of rugged construction. … More I also like how easy it is for one person to move it around and to store it upright. It handles well while towing and if it weren't for my rear view camera I wouldn't even know it was behind me. I love the self balancing tires. And I appreciate how easy the ramps are to stow and unload. I did have a minor problem when the wire that holds the nut on the winch (for tightening the straps) came out but, that was easy enough to replace.
  • Avatar Mike Kersh ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    It is a pleasure using the EZ-Tow-Dolly to tow a 2011 Mini-Clubman behind our RV. One of our mods is attaching permanent chain rings to the mini's subframe to make attaching safety chains easier. Another mod is to replace the balancing … More beads in the dolly's tires to eliminate potential valve stem issues. Had Big-O-Tire do the work. Beads are now significantly larger in diameter. We keep it looking "new" with Rustoleum Black Gloss(can). We have towed the mini 8-10 thousand miles, much of it thru severe winter conditions. Highly recommend over all other brands. Car Tow Dolly Inc. customer service has been outstanding when questions arose initially.