Brake Lock Out Key

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For use with ALL generations of our Car Tow Dolly.

1 review for Brake Lock Out Key

  1. Ed Litteral

    The ez tow dolley works great. I have pulled a honda fit from south carolins to DC to ind to kansas to colorado to utah to montana and back on one trip (6000) plus miles. with no problems. I did have a tire wear issue but it was due to my not keeping the tow dolly tires to the proper pressure. I also went out west again last year to Ind, to Kansas to colo to utah to vegas to grand canyon to texas to ark, to tenn to home. And the tow dolly performed excellent. I accidently pulled into a gas station and had to back up. I just got out and put my “key” (i call it) and unlocked the brakes to back it up. can’t do that if you flat tow or on other dollys. it has been well worth the money. My brother was so impressed that he got one for his motorhome.

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