Tow Dolly Features

We have the lightest car tow dolly available on the market.
Most of our customers are retirees, and they won’t want to lug a 700 to 900 lb. car tow dolly around. At 330-380 lbs., our car tow dolly is the lightest and most maneuverable dolly available. Our dolly is well balanced and easily managed by one person.

Idler dolly weighs 330 lbs, Electric dolly weighs 350 lbs

The 3,700 lb. factory-built and engineered axles are rated to tow up to 4,985 lbs. curb weight with up 3000 lbs over the axle. The Electric dolly is rated 4,985 lbs and 2500 lbs over the axle.

Our car tow dolly is Canada RIV-compliant and all necessary customs documents are included and available for pre-inspection confirmation. This includes:

  • Bill of sale
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin (original title)
  • RIV recall disclosure letter
  • USA federal highway compliance certification
  • Attached VIN
  • Federal compliance decal printed in French and English (Canadian customs requirement)
  • Our product is NAFTA-certified and duty free. You will never find a documentation fee like other companies might charge.

The New “EZE-TOW” Hydraulic “Disc” Brake Car Tow Dolly

The FIRST AND ORIGINAL car tow dolly in the world with fully vented double vane “disc” brakes. As a tow dolly with surge brakes, the Ultralight “EZE-TOW” has more than triple the braking efficiency of drum brakes. We offer a car dolly with brakes that are very easy to service. You won’t have to worry about lock ups or chucking, and the pads are in clear view, making this the most trouble-free and reliable braking system available.

Exclusive “Vault” Hubs

With a unique hybrid lubricant that turns into an oil bath when heated. Hubs and bearings never need lubrication or service. We also offer a free five-year warranty on bearings, seals, and hubs from domestic manufacturers. This five-year warranty can be doubled to ten years for just $125.00 at time of purchase. We recommend a five-year inspection of bearings. The Electric brake dolly does not have the Vault Hub system. It is a equipped with an easy lube function.

Pressurized Hubs

The “Vault” hubs are pressurized to keep out moisture and debris, ensuring proper lubrication distribution. Not available on the Electric brake dolly.

Cambered Spindles

Our spindles are camber set at “zero”degree for proper tire position under load, saving your tires and towing straight. Precisely set at a tolerance of two thousands of an inch.

Professionally Painted

Our tow dollies are steam pressure-washed and acid-etched in preparation for a high-quality primer coating and two top coats of enamel paint.

Heavy Duty Special Use Tires

Our ST145 R12 tires measure 6” wide and 22 inches tall. These are Radial low-profile tires are 10-ply and E-Rated. Each tire is rated at 1,520 lbs. and the axle has a total rating of 3,300 lbs. The Ultralight “EZE-TOW” dolly uses a common tire and wheel size making spare wheels and tires available from many sources. Spares are also available an as option. These are the same tires you see under very expensive boat trailers; compact but very tough 80 PSI tires. 75 PSI recommended. (notes: These are 12 inch wheels, not 12 inch tires).

Best Turning Radius

Our unique axle-to-wheel geometry means that it’s nearly impossible for the car tow dolly fender to make contact with the towed car. This offers a better turning radius and easy usability.

Vehicle Curb Weight

Rated to tow up to 3,000 lbs. over the axle, the Ultralight “EZE-TOW” can tow a vehicle with a curb weight up to 4,985 lbs. Electric brake dolly is rated to tow up to 2500 lbs. over the axle.

5 on 4.5 Wheels and Hubs

Each towing dolly features powder-coated, heavy-duty, all-steel wheels with a common lug pattern available everywhere.

Emergency Break Away

Hydraulic surge “disc” brake car tow dollies are equipped with an emergency break away locking feature wherein the dolly brakes fully lockup if the dolly separates from the ball for any reason.

The Widest Car Tow Dolly on the Market

At a full 80 inches between the fenders, our tow dollies are the widest currently available. Because of the designed fender width and fully adjustable ramps, this unit can tow everything from a full-sized truck to a lawn mower. The idler and Electric brake dolly have 83 inches between the fenders. (Tow dollies are designed for front-wheel drive vehicles weighing 5,000 lbs. curb weight or less.)

The Only Car Tow Dolly with Fully Adjustable and Removable Ramps

Ramps are easily positioned in or out as needed. Ramps stow in the front of the dolly when not in use. The galvanized Sure Grip ramps are lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds each, but are rated for 3,000 lbs. They measure 40×9 inches, allowing for easy loading with 98% of cars. These ramps are versatile and practical but they should not be used over gravel or soft earth.

Heavy-Duty, Fully Engineered, and Tested to Destruction

We performed six different tests, abusing the dolly beyond its design limits to total destruction. We learned a lot from these tests and made appropriate changes as necessary to make a great product even better.

Welded Cross Bracing

Always welded, never bolted cross members make our tow dollies much stronger and much safer. Tow dollies do not have suspensions. Assembled and bolted-together dollies often reveal structure issues very quickly. Our dollies are 100% fully welded, which means there are no bolts anywhere to work loose.

DOT and Canada approved Lighting

Each tow dolly includes stop, turn, and tail lights, Our lights feature replaceable lens covers and are high mounted to protect from damage.

Breaking News: LED Lighting Now Available

LED lighting is now available as an upgrade for $89.00 USD. This upgrade is included for free automatically when purchased online through our website. Our LED lights have potted wiring and a solid state circuit board. Average life expectancy is 100,000 hours. That is 11 years of continuous burning. You won’t need to replace these lights anytime soon. These lights feature a lifetime warranty.


Our coupler consists of a two-inch ball housing with a telltell to insure proper seating. Easy to use and safe.


Car tow dollies require very little maintenance. In fact, about the only thing that ever needs servicing are the brakes, bearings, and seals. This is where many of the major dolly manufacturers have a critical design flaw as you can’t adjust or bleed the brakes on their car tow dollies. Trailer brakes are not self adjusting. They have manual adjusters. Due to obsolete, poor design, the adjuster port and the bleed valve are located behind the spindle plate making for close to impossible service. Some designs have the brake assembly rotated forward, out of its functional position, to allow access to the adjuster and bleed valve, but this solution compromises the design of the brakes as intended. Look closely and choose wisely. Our tow dolly with surge brakes is easily serviced as all critical service areas are open and allow generous room for servicing. You never have to adjust the disc brakes on our car tow dolly, and when it’s time to change the pads, it’s very easy to do on our car dolly with brakes.

Idler dolly has no brakes. The Electric brake dolly has Easy Lube Hubs and is not equipped with the Vault hubs.

No Proprietary Parts

All serviceable parts are commercially available from many sources, including most auto parts stores. Easy and abundant availability saves time and money. Many other manufacturers use third-world parts that are unique in their application, and you won’t have any choice but to buy from them. Of course in the event of untimely repairs or remote circumstances, this can be quite an expensive inconvenience.

50-State and Canada Legal

All our car tow dollies come with an original Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin with assigned and attached VIN. (Note: Brakes are required to be 50-state and Canada compliant.)

Designed and Built by Hand in America

Our car tow dollies are built from scratch using all domestic content—designed and built in America by proud professional engineers and craftsmen. We are NAFTA certified, for export purposes only, and we buy from domestic partners that manufacture in America. ( Up to 10% international content )



The axle, bearings, hub, and seals are warranted for a period of 5-10 years by the domestic manufacturer of the axle. This warranty does not cover labor costs for repairs. The Electric Brake dolly warranty period is for one year. Warranty service is performed in place wherever you are.

The “EZE TOW” tow dolly and its optional equipment carries a 1-year warranty against defective workmanship, welding, and Straps, Chains, Ratchets, Brake lines,are not warranted at all. The LED lights have a lifetime warranty against burnout, not damage.

Sub-components, such as lug nuts, couplers, safety chains, etc. are not warranted by Acme Tow Dolly Company LLC. However, in the event of a claim or failure in one of these components, Acme Tow Dolly Company LLC. will, for a period of 90 days from purchase, consider free replacement of any sub-component that is reasonably deemed defective. Claims for warranty must be accompanied further by the necessary proof of purchase to satisfy warranty requirements. We reserve the right to require defective parts be returned to the factory upon request. The serial VIN number is required for fulfillment of warranty claim. This warranty is issued to, and only valid for, the original purchaser while still titled in original buyer’s name. Any warranty repairs must be authorized with a written estimate in advance of the repair. Unauthorized repairs will not be approved or are subject to adjustment. To date since 2006 we have had less than .04% of warranty claims. ( hence our confidence in offering a 5 to 10 year warranty )

No warranty coverage is offered for units used in a commercial or rental application. In the event of improper use or damage after the sale, this warranty does not apply.


We offer nationwide shipping in the USA. , we deliver our dolly fully assembled to your home or business. All you have to do is bolt on the fenders.

Additional costs apply to Canadian direct shipping. We ship direct to your home everywhere in Canada. Call for details.

Be very careful about buying a used car tow dolly. Review our blog for tips and advice on the things to be aware of before buying a used car tow dolly. Or click the link below, scroll down some more.

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