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Assembly Options: Partially Assembled

To Complete Assembly…

You will need to bolt on the plastic fenders, the tongue, and the cross members.

Your partially assembled dolly will arrive prewired – just one quick, easy plug and you have power.

The primary brake line and the axle brake lines will be preinstalled. You will need to bleed the brakes as shown in the assembly video. You will need to purchase a small bottle of DOT 4 brake fluid. Some choose to assemble the dolly then tow it to a trailer repair service center to have the brakes bled.

All fasteners are pre-positioned for fast, easy installation. Your Car Tow Dolly can be assembled by one person, however, two is recommended.

See our assembly video for a tool summary.

Car Tow Dolly Delivery

Your Car Tow Dolly will be delivered to the nearest freight terminal or business with a loading dock or forklift.


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