Idler Car Tow Dolly – NO DISC BRAKES

4.5 stars

This is our Idler Car Tow Dolly (No Disc Brakes).

This bundle includes:
→  1 x Idler Car Tow Dolly (No Disc Brakes)
→  1 x 6 Month Standard Warranty
→  and FREE Terminal Shipping

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This is our Idler Car Tow Dolly (No Disc Brakes).

This bundle includes:
→  1 x Idler Car Tow Dolly (No Disc Brakes)
→  1 x 6 Month Standard Warranty
→  and FREE Terminal Shipping.


Most affordable, lightest, highest quality tow dolly value in the World!

You’ve found the home of the most affordable, lightest, highest quality tow dolly value in the World !


To Celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are introducing the biggest, most significant improvement in our company history.

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Some Assembly Will Be Required

To complete assembly you will need to bolt the plastic fenders, the tongue, the cross members.

Your partially assembled dolly will arrive prewired. Just one quick easy plug.

Can be assembled by one person, but two is recommended.

See our Assembly video for a tool summary.

Stores vertically on its own!


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Car Tow Dolly Inc. IconCar Tow Dolly Inc.

United States

4.5 276 reviews

  • Avatar adam hikel ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Great Tow Dolly, we've used It to tow our 2012 Beetle behind the RV, and to haul or 73 Beetle from place to place behind our truck. It's easily adaptable to all our applications. Easy to use … More and light enough to maneuver around and put in storage. It takes up so little space.
    The adjustable straps are holding up very well and are adjustable to a wide range of tire sizes and width. The Dolly is light and easily maneuverable when empty. We opted for the Surge Brakes and they are terrific.
    We are very happy with our tow Dolly, set up took no time at all and maintenance is a snap.
    I have no worries this tow Dolly will be around a while.
  • Avatar Carl Lowe ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Straight up one of the best buying experiences online I have ever made. The website was exactly what the product turned out to be. I am extremely happy with my tow dolly and have put over 5,000 miles on … More it with absolutely no problems or issues. The crating of the tow dolly was great! This company is very straight forward and sets a standard that I compare other companies by. Great job!
  • Avatar Bob Covey ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    The dolly is simple and very rugged. The surge brakes work; you can see it on the rotor surfaces, so don't believe anyone who says they don't.
    We've towed ours for six years full timing,
    … More over 60,000 miles and about 300 campgrounds. In that time we blew one of the discontinued 10" tires on I70, and lost a couple of taillights to vibration. The owner made us a great offer to switch to the 12" wheels and tires and we have run through a couple of sets of tires with no issues. The taillights are a stock item available at most auto parts stores and Amazon. Add zip ties to keep them in the mounts, everything takes a real pounding as our interstate highways slowly expire.
    I have two gripes with the design: the ramps are a PITA to have to remove and replace, but they are very secure and rugged, so I guess there is a trade off there. Secondly, there is no trailer jack like on a boat trailer. I welded on a plate and added a cheap trailer jack to make it easier to move the dolly around a camp site. A factory design would be nice.
  • Avatar Bill Guernsey ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I can't understand why anyone would buy a different brand. For me, being able to pick up the tongue and move this around by myself is a huge plus. I'm closing in on seventy. Hooking up the car … More on the dolly is the same as on other dollies I suppose. Once on the road I can't feel any difference than without the dolly. My only concern when buying this dolly was the tire size. After using the dolly to pull a Mazda 3, I see that they are perfect. Low weight and high load rating. Another plus is the resale value. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • Avatar Mike Lawrence ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Excellent company. Love my tow dolly. Super easy to use . Really I don’t even know the car is back there. I find myself checking the back up camera to make sure it’s there. Mine has surge brakes and … More they work fantastic. Well made product. Super easy to use I highly recommend.
  • Avatar Evan Croft ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    We've had the car dolly for six years and used it for about 30,000 miles. It tracks nicely. It's light so I can handle it by myself. Hydraulic brakes are great; I don't feel a push from … More behind when braking. The only maintenance has been a new set of tires and a new set of straps.
    Once in a great while, I find a strap has come off the wheel. It could be because of a sharp turn or emergency stop, both cause the tire to compress perhaps enough for the strap to fall,. Not a problem since one strap does the job and the safety chains are there.
    I've seen others in my travels and one owner told me how to fasten the bitter end of the safety chain so it would stay and not drag. I also added a lock to the hitch to prevent vandalism.
    So far so good.
  • Avatar Matthew Rogers ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    One of the first (and best) investments I made for my RV lifestyle. It's about as easy as can be. I'm a huge fan and 5 stars all the way.
  • Avatar David Jones ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I purchased a car tow dolly from this business in 2019 and I can't say enough good things about it. From the time it arrived the quality and professionalism were evident. I used this dolly for many … More trips pulling my Honda Fit behind my motorhome last year. I have not had a single issue with it. The ease in which I connect and disconnect the vehicle from the dolly is fantastic. I highly recommend this tow dolly to anyone.
  • Avatar Howard J. ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    After extensive research into the various types of Tow Dollies made in the U.S.A. from unrealistically expensive and heavy as a small car to designs that didn't appear to be able to hold up to long … More time use, we purchased a dolly from this company. Not only did it meet our expectations when it arrived via freight protected in a oak/hardwood pallet that later became a great source of firewood but, after 12K miles being pulled behind our Class C motorhome, loading and unloading our Prius C is quick, uncomplicated and makes RVing so much easier and less expensive than going the "4 on the Road" route. Not only was this the perfect purchase for our needs but, the after purchase customer service provided by this company is truly world-class with the customer's needs being met with a smile (at least that what it seemed via emailing) and a old time sense of customer service rarely seen these day. With all this said, would I recommend to a dear friend doing business with Car Tow Dolly Inc, a resounding YES.
  • Avatar Bob & Sylvia Schurr ★★★★ 10 months ago
    After research, I bought this tow dolly because I like the price and the fact it was lighter, more maneuverable and replacement parts were easily available at local parts store or online.
    I went to the
    … More factory to pick it up and to get everything set up for my auto and motor home.The folks there were outstanding , friendly and very helpful. They had all needed for installation and did an outstanding job.
    Great tow dolly! Tows well! Hardly notice that I am towing any thing. I have a Chevy Spark that I tow and one problem I have is that it has a small tire and even with the new straps, that are fully adjustable, I still am at the limit for tightening. I have to increase tire air pressure to make more room to tighten down the tires and wheels.
    By biggest complaint is securing my vehicle to the dolly because of the lack of space between the tire and wheel wells. Also crawling under the vehicle to secure the safety chains to the vehicle.
    Also, because of the close quarters between the tires and wheel well as well as the location of a wheel strut, the cross straps have a tendency to rub and wear, causing a potential safety hazard. I have to purchase an entire set of straps instead of just the cross straps, which gets expensive.
    With that said, the company is very efficient and speedy in sending replacement parts. They usually ship the same day or at the latest the next business day.
    I purchased the extended warrantee and extra tire. To me it was well worth the price. As for the dolly itself, I purchased the model with the surge brakes and they work well. As for maintenance, there is none except for washing and touch up painting as needed.
    All in all a solid dolly and a good buy from a good company. The only thing I would like to see is to be able to purchase the cross straps or the longitudinal straps separately or as a set on an as needed basis. I would purchase extra cross straps considering they have a tendency to rub against the struts.
  • Avatar Barb McCaskill ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    We ordered online. When we went to pick it up, they went over everything thoroughly. We were trained on every aspect from hooking up to maneuvering to unhooking. The dolly has performed very well. Great … More company, great product.
  • Avatar Robert Lehman ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Dolly was everything I expected; welded, solid, and I appreciate having the hydraulic brakes. Blew a tire on the first trip, and I was glad I purchased a spare. However, owners sent me 2 tires mounted … More on rims just because they were concerned the batch might have been bad. But no problems since.
    I pull a Fiat 500, and it doesn't weigh much -- 1100#. It would bounce around on the dolly and so I have added two safety features.
    1. The safety chain is supposed to stay in the grove, but it didn't. So now I pass the chains through the hole and then padlock it to itself.
    2. But I didn't like the Fiat bouncing back , so just to make me feel better, I have two straps rated for 5000# that I feed through the slotted Fiat wheels and then attach in front of the dolly with a quick link.
    I store the dolly on its end and push it against the fence.
    Couldn't be more pleased with the dolly.

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