Basic Clone 2

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  • Includes

    • FREE Terminal Shipping
    • Set of Ramps
    • 2 Complete Balanced Wheels
    • Set of Wheel Straps w/ Steel Hooks
    • Set of Safety Chains
    • Set of Winches
    • Set of LED Lights
    • Set of Fenders

    *Your Warranty Selection

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    • 200 $
    • 400 $

    Optional Add On's

    • 100 $
    • $
    • 100 $

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1 review for Basic Clone 2

  1. Larry Lage Jr

    Bought the basic Idler tow dolly to haul my Accord from the east coast to the west coast. I picked it up on the way and the guys there showed me how to load and secure it to the dolly. They were great and the tow dolly worked great! I read another review about it not being able to pivot and they’re right that it doesn’t but as long as you’re not taking really tight turns, you’ll be fine. For the money I think it’s the best tow dolly you can buy. Worked great and I put 3,200 miles on it during that trip. I averaged 65mph and hit 80 a couple times passing some vehicles without any sway or anything. Very pleased with my purchase!

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