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6 month warranty

Standard Warranty Included

Warranty level One. Included at no cost.

The “EZE-TOW” Car Tow Dolly includes a totally Comprehensive, all inclusive 6 month warranty.

What’s covered….
Construction, workmanship, welds, wiring, lights, brake lines, fittings, actuator, brake calipers, bearings, seals Initial shipping damage if any. 6 months.

What’s NOT covered….
Tires. Wheel straps. Both are consumables and subject to damage. Warranty does not cover labor costs. We have the option to express ship or ground freight replacement parts as deemed necessary on a case by case basis. Under some circumstances it is more practical to reimburse you for locally purchased replacement parts. All warranty matters must be approved in advance.

Operator negligence, accident or road hazard damage, damage from any source is not covered under warranty.

Level One Warranty is to original buyer only. Non transferrable.

Level Two Warranty Upgrade

Warranty Level Two.

3 Years.

Same as above warranty but the all inclusive warranty is extended to three years.

Level Two Warranty is to original buyer only. Non transferrable.

Level Three Warranty Upgrade

Warranty Level Three  
Same as Level One Warranty but extended to 5 years.

Also includes a one time resell transfer to new owner for $50.00 admin fee. ( usually paid by the buyer. )

Extended warranties must be selected at time of purchase. No after purchase sales.

*See below for more details before purchase.