Eze-TowTow Dolly stored upright.

Over the years many many customers have asked me for ideas about how to store the Eze-Tow Tow Dolly in a vertical position. Well here we have a contribution from one customer Mr. Stephen Denkin that seems to have the perfect solution. He tows a Toyota Prius with his Eze-Tow Tow Dolly and figured out this clever way to store his dolly upright in the garage using only 2 feet of floor space. Note the small rollabout dollies under the Eze-Tow Tow Dolly, these give the lights clearance so they do not have to be removed. This is an ideal solution to short or long term safe storage of the eze-Tow Tow Dolly. Thank You Mr Denkin for that outstanding solution and contribution.
( see 6 pictures attached )Â

Overall image, note the dollies underneath, the small footprint.

Floor dollies up close.

A side image of the Eze-Tow Tow Dolly stored vertical

A perfect storage soluution. Thanks Mr Denkin.

The Eze-Tow Dolly stored vertical, fenders & lights still attached

Over head winch does the lifting and secures the dolly in place

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