Car Tow Dolly, paint quality….

Finally !  After years of planning and wishing, researching and testing, we have finally perfected our painting process. As of today we have now spent nearly $85,000.00 in equipment, supplies and training  all just to improve our paint quality.  All our products are now Steam  Pressure Washed and Acid Etched in prepartion for painting. We then apply a very heavy coat of premium High Build Primer. We then apply TWO COATS of High Quality Black Enamel Paint.  All these coats are applied by a state of the art Airless Air Assist Paint System. Our premium paint is now mixed and constantly agitated in 55 gallon barrels for consistent well blended paint chemicals. We have hired professional painters that are commited to our Quality Control Process. I was concerned about making such a considerable financial commitment to “paint quality”, but I now see that is was well worth it. I think you will agree.

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