Just wanted to send a couple of photos of our new tow dolly after its first trip, and to provide some comments on the dolly – what a jewel it turned out to be!  Assembly went smoothly, loading wasn't a problem at all but the MiniCooper did require a little time to determine the best location for the tie-down chains (I used the smaller pair of the two sets provided). The dolly towed and tracked behind the motorhome very well, and the construction was done very well (I build space satellites, so I can get a little picky).  Our initial trip was from Scottsdale Az up to the North rim of the Grand Canyon (600 miles round-trip); the mountain driving certainly proved the worth of the surge brakes – they worked very well, not too aggressive at all.  The only fault I could come up with was that the paint on the unit was not fully cured, so some rubbed off in places – but that's a nit.


Dave and Debbie Gauger

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