How to Choose a Car Tow Dolly: Essential Shopping Tips 2

How to Choose a Car Tow Dolly: Essential Shopping Tips

Recently purchased an RV and need to bring your car on vacation with you? A car tow dolly is your answer! Finding the right car tow dolly for you can be overwhelming if you’ve never purchased one before. While some people still flat-tow their vehicles, a car dolly can bring more safety depending on the type of car being towed.

If you realize your car needs a dolly for a tow, what should you look for before making a purchase? Details like size and weight, how it handles making turns, ease of loading and unloading, and storage options need to be considered. Keep reading for our brief, yet comprehensive features list below.

Mounted Front Wheels or Center Pivot?

One thing to look out for is how the car dolly is designed and how it handles turns when traveling. Car dollies with mounted front wheels that turn on kingpins are usually the most popular. These dollies help eliminate the possibility of your car hitting your trailer when turning.

Another option is a car dolly with a center pivot. This feature helps you track around corners a little easier if you have fixed trailer wheels.

Either option will work well. Ultimately, the right choice will come down to how the car dolly handles for you while traveling.

The Braking Systems and Lighting

Each state has different braking and lighting requirements for towing. Most states require brakes when towing a vehicle. Make sure your car tow dolly has the proper braking system, which means either electric or surge brakes. The latter is sometimes more preferable since the brakes are built right into the car dolly itself. As a result, it stops the dolly when it senses that your vehicle is about to stop.

As for lighting, you’ll want to make sure your car dolly has them. Some car dollies are not equipped with lighting, though you can easily apply a removable system to compensate. That being said, a built-in lighting system has proven to be safer.

Finding the Right Car Dolly for Your Budget

Many models of car dollies are available for towing, but some are more expensive than others. A few of the best-known brands out there today are Demco and Roadmaster. What you ultimately pay for your car dolly depends on the features you need.

One option to consider is a lease—a great option if you only travel part of the year. For those who you travel often, buying is the most sensible option, especially if you can locate a dealer that offers extended warranties.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality car tow dolly, make sure to visit us at Car Tow Dolly. With flat-rate, or even free, shipping, and a standard 6-month warranty (optional extended warranties available), we’re here to provide you with the best car tow dolly buying experience possible.

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