Proper Maintenance of Your Car Tow Dolly

These days, making a big purchase is more difficult than ever. That’s why you need to take care of the things you spend your money on.

Take your car tow dolly, for example. Performing routine maintenance on your dolly is paramount. Proper upkeep is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.

In the event that you’ve purchased a used car tow dolly, you’ll need to pay close attention to your dolly’s preventative maintenance needs. However, with vigilance and an hour’s worth of work every so often, you can keep your dolly like new.

And like most mechanical tools, it only takes a bit of simple maintenance to keep your investment running smoothly for a million miles. Here are a few tips for how to care for your car tow dolly without breaking the bank—or your back.

Oil Up

It’s hard to overestimate what an inexpensive can of WD-40 or other oil product can do, because they do so much. From rust-proofing to squeak-stopping, a thin coat of oil is all it takes to protect the areas of your dolly that are easily prone to dust collection, like in the nooks and crannies around wheels.

The hub itself only needs a maintenance inspection once every five years, though you should make sure you grease the bearings once in awhile depending on use. Thankfully, many mechanics can do this easily while they’re working on other areas of your vehicle.

Pump Up

Even though dolly tires can be extremely heavy duty, they still require attention to make them last. For example, each tire must maintain a pressure of 90 pounds per square inch. Perform a “cold” check and watch for any leakage. Ensure each lug nut is tight before loading a vehicle.

Check Wiring

Even during short trips, wires can become lose or frayed by the elements and normal wear and tear. Check every visible inch of your wiring for frays or splits. Remember, you’re checking for potential problems in addition to existing ones. That way, you can take proactive measures to preventing a major catastrophe that could have been avoided.

If you experience wire problems out on the road, reinforce the wires with heavy-duty electrical tape until you can return home or get to a mechanic. Especially in rainy or precipitous conditions, exposed wires can pose a significant danger to anyone operating the dolly.

Storage Concerns

When you don’t plan on using your tow dolly for a considerable amount of time, proper storage is required to prevent any rusting or depreciation through lack of use. Before you store your dolly, hose down and wash the surface like you would with any automobile.

Store it in a clean place as well. Don’t let it sit in puddles of oil or mud or where rats and squirrels like to make nests and chew wires and other vital components. Be mindful of the tires; given enough time, they’ll begin to dry rot like any other piece of rubber.

Once you remove your dolly from storage, do a good check of the electrical system and the joints and bearings before loading it up with thousands of pounds of automobile ballast. And then check the entire dolly again with while it’s under stress. You may find something you missed before.

Learn the Manual

Every Acme EZE-TOW car dolly ships with three users’ manuals. Within these books is the vital information you’ll need to keep your dolly in shape for years and years, including the best ways to handle the dolly. Even though it weighs less than competitors’ models, it’s still a few hundred pounds of metal and can injure you if you’re not careful.

Pay attention to the details and recommended maintenance schedule for the maximum benefit at the lowest cost.

Depending on how you treat your car tow dolly and what type of use it gets, you may not have to do such detailed maintenance. However, if you beat it up and use it weekly, there may be additional things you could to do keep your tow dolly running smoothly.

The gist of this advice is simple: take care of your investment and you won’t be spending extra money in the future on something you could have easily prevented.

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