Buying a New vs Used Car Tow Dolly

Why Buying a New Car Tow Dolly is Recommended over Buying Used

When you’re cruising down the highway and making great time across the American plains on your way to a vacation in the Rockies, something terrible could happen: Your dolly could come unhooked or snap, sending your new Lexus or Hyundai into the ditch, effectively transforming it into a very expensive accordion.

So you’ll spend days in a hotel as they clean up the mess and you file claims with your insurance company. It’s too bad the whole thing is your fault, and your insurance doesn’t want to cover the damage you did to the power line on the side of the road.

Now you regret purchasing that used car tow dolly from a third-party seller.

As with any big purchase you make, you’re probably spending hours and hours researching the pros and cons of buying a used car dolly versus a brand-new one.

There are tons of things you need to look at; some are obvious, some not so obvious. To get the maximum safety and towing potential from your purchase, new is the best way to go. Read on to find out why buying a new car tow dolly is recommended over buying a used one.


Tow dollies don’t lose much in terms of quality over time, but they will start to depreciate if they aren’t taken care of—just like any other mechanical device. With that being said, you can never really be sure what the seller of a used dolly has done with theirs; you may be purchasing a piece of equipment that has never been oiled, cleaned, or maintained whatsoever until a week before you found the ad.

The same is true if the seller advertises a ‘hardly used’ dolly for sale. If you leave anything metal outside in the elements for years without use, it’ll soon be covered in rust and weeds (hardly used, though) and it makes a better planter than a tool to tow your expensive car with. If he says it’s been kept care of and indoors for years, it’s your word against his. But who stands to gain the most in that situation?

Purchase Cost versus Ownership Cost

With all that being said, you might get an outstanding deal on a used tow dolly. It’s hard to argue with a small upfront price—until it comes to maintenance. A used dolly that wasn’t taken care of will force you to incur more costs over the lifetime of the dolly than if you bought new instead.

When you purchase a brand-new tow dolly, you’ll know that salt, dirt, and water have not broken through its defenses and raided the bearings and joints, rendering them weak and ineffective. You’ll be able to conduct a successful maintenance schedule from the very first use, which will extend the lifetime of your dolly and cost you less money down the road.

With an Acme EZE-TOW dolly, that maintenance only needs to be once every five years. With the heavy-duty construction of the hubs, axle and tires, your dolly can tow a vehicle with a curb weight of nearly 5,000 pounds while staying rust-free and hassle-free as well.


Buying a used dolly means you won’t be privy to some of the new technologies that have emerged in this field. For example, the Acme EZE-TOW has mastered hydraulic disc brake technology to give you the best stopping power on the market today. And there are times out on the highway when you’ll need that stopping power, especially if you’re pulling a 2.5-ton metal box on wheels. It could save your Lexus from meeting that power line high in the Rocky Mountains.

Better yet, the entire dolly weighs only 405 pounds. Older, used models will weight considerably more and have inferior construction standards.

Peace of Mind

If you’re in the market for a tow dolly, you probably need it to pull exceptionally important automobiles, whether you’ve got an antique you show at local events or a Jeep that feeds your off-roading hunger. Instead of fearing if your used dolly will hold the immense weight or not, put your trust in a brand-new dolly that has no hint of wear and tear at all.

Besides, a used car tow dolly seller won’t give you a warranty you’ll get on a brand new one from Acme. Not that you’ll need it, of course. These dollies are built to last.


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