Mr Murphy writes…

Mr. Brown,
I purchased a dolly on 3/21/2007. I have put about 15,000+ miles on this dolly. This disk brake dolly was a replacement for one of the drum brake model purchased on 2/14/2007. I want to thank you again for replacing the defective drum brake model free of charge. Your actions deserves the highest praise for standing behind your product so dramatically and with no hesitation when the fault was due to an inferior product from your supplier. I admire your actions. I have recently read testimonials of a similar nature on your website. Congratulations on being true to yourself and truely concerned for your customers.
The reason for this e-mail is the following. I would like to take on the task of upgrading my present dolly with the new ASRS tie down system. My hope is that I could purchase the parts I would need to do this. I previously modified my present dolly tie down system to use a ratchet mechanism similar to what you now have ( this ratchet mechanism is much larger but still uses the original strapping system ( one front and one rear strap). The vehicle I tow is a 2007 Mini Cooper S which has very little space in the wheel well and I believe your chain tie down method would be ideal for my use. Also, to accomodate the wide tires on the Mini I also widened the ramp 2 inches.
I would like the talk to you on the phone about all of the above. Please e-mail me back to discuss my request on upgrading and let me know what would be a good time to call if you choose to talk.
Robert Murphy
San Diego, CA 92117

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