Made In America, what does it really mean?

Between emails and phone calls I talk to hundreds of people a week. Many them want to know if we build our dollies here in America. They even press me further wanting to know precisely where they are built and by whom. Most of my competitors are no longer manufacturers. Their products are now built in China and shipped over here for "Final Assembly". That is why you see some dollies with so many fasteners in them. They have to break down into 40 or 50 pieces to fit into a small crate so they can get 240 of them into a sea container at a time. Of course this for the customer means that they will very quickly start having to replace or tighten fasteners as they work out or loosen. One good tell-tell of domestic manufacturing is the construction. Is the product fully welded? 

Now I know that the worlds politicians want us all to start thinking globally and they want us to start moving towards a common currency and global economy. I have no idea where that will lead or what the world would actually be like afterwards, but I do know this. Our dollies and fuel trailers are built right here in Kernersville NC. My company employs an average of 15 families mostly with young children. And further, my company buys domestic materials from 42 other domestic companies. Suppliers, shippers, truck drivers, welders… All good honest blue collar jobs that everyone is happy to have in this new economy. When I take the time to talk to my vendors and ask them how many people work for them it is always fascinating to me what I learn from it. For many of my vendors Acme Trailer is in the top two or three of their customers. For some we are their best customer. They all have employees with families to care for. 

I took a moment and added up how many collateral employees Acme Trailer helps provide work for. All vendors accounted for and figuring on the conservative side… 349. Yep, 349 blue collar hard working people hoping that Acme Trailer remains healthy and productive. Add that to our family of in house employees and it is quite something to contemplate. To me , this is what Made in America means. Good honest jobs that can support a family. Is there anything more important than that. I think that is where everything starts. As a young man my many mentors always told me, " just work hard, be the best at what ever you do and everything will be fine in the end" Just work hard. It really is that easy, if you have a job. 

Remember, it is actually against the law to advertise "Made in America" when it is not. If it is made in China and shipped over here it is supposed to be labeled as "Assembled in America"  Unfortunately a few of my competitors do not respect that fine line. They willingly misrepresent their products as "Made in America"  They have several clever ways of implying "Made in America" but they are not. For instance, one clever response is, " Oh yea, we put em all together right here"  or  "Oh yea, we build em right here every day" 

If "Made in America " is important to you, then please take the time to make sure it really is made in America, whatever you buy

Happy and Safe Motoring.  Richard Brown, President, Acme Trailer LLc

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