Don Kain on towing a Prius.


Hi Richard

I know I promised you a blog and picture of my rig and the tow Dolly hauling a Prius but I had a big trip planned using it so I thought it would be better writing a review afterwards.

First I rate quality, construction and value a 5 out of 5 on the acme tow Dolly and second after my 7450 mile trip I can report only one issue which was fraying of the large strap due to rubbing on the inside wheel/axle which you gave me instruction on how to better locate the straps by pulling the large strap outward in the back and inward in the front. In addition you sent me,at no charge, a replacement strap even though it was my fault. Despite all the Toyota literature that says only to tow a 2005 Prius with all 4 wheels off the ground it towed flawless on the Dolly. Only one small comment I have is that the led lights hookup instructions were not perfectly clear but I did figure it out no problem.

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