Eze Tow tow dolly review of the truth.

So, In my down time I surf the net looking for comments about our   product. For 6 years now I have found nothing but positive comments 99   percent of the time or more. Occasionally I will read a comment from a   customer that is less than stellar. There is currently a review, or   comment from a customers son who states that his parents are unhappy   with their Eze-Tow tow dolly. The first thing that always strikes me is   the fact that these people never contacted me about their issues or   concerns. I understand that no one can make everyone happy all the time.   Although we strive to make a perfect trouble free product we are   subject to the same constraints as everyone else. IE; the design and   integrity of the sub components we buy from others. Sometimes they ( the   lights in this case ) are substandard for the task. A fact we do not   realize until we have sent several dozen units into the field. However   we are always concerned and diligent. If people contact us and let us   know they are having a problem then we quickly realize that something is   wrong and we can do something about it. Unfortunately that is not   always the case. If you happen to see or read a poor review please be   circumspect, call me, ask me about it, I will tell you the truth.   Understand that sometimes bad reviews are just competitors taking a   cheap shot at us and in the same review pushing another product. The   internet can be used in anyway that the user sees fit to use it. Just   know, we are very serious about building a high quality safe tow dolly.   It wounds me deeply to read a bad review online, especially when the   customer never even allowed me the opportunity to resolve their concern.   In the beginning of our company we were buying an axle and brake   assembly from a 75 million dollar a year  company in Atlanta Ga. It   turned out that the axle assembly they were supplying us with had a   concealed defect that did present until the dolly had around 700 miles   on it. The brake system would malfunction and rendered the dolly   unusable. Turns out this 75 million dollar a year company would not do   anything about their defective product. It was left to us to resolve the   matter. Understand, we were then, and still are now, a very small   company. We did not have millions in the bank to absorb this kind of set   back with. We had to make a choice, go out of business and leave   everyone hanging in the lurch, or do the right thing and fix the issue.   Well, it took 9 weeks and $300,000.00 in cash to resolve the matter and   make things right. It was a real blow to our companies resources. It   left us broke and on the edge of going out of business. But we did the   right thing. We stepped up and fixed someone else’s problem with our   money. An interesting point to be made here… each “problem” we have ever   had has resulted in a better product. For instance, the problem we had   with our first axle/brake supplier resulted in a far superior DISC brake   design. Very well vetted and tested. To date we have thousands and   thousands of our disc brake dollies on the road trouble free. We were   using a low cost incandescent light. We decided to upgade to a LED   lighting system. Unfortunatly it took three different products before we   found an LED light that could stand the rigors of tow dolly use.  We   are always looking for ways to improve our products. I tell you this   story because I want you to know that we care.   Your purchase from us   helps support 15 families on this end, be assured we are all very   serious about Design and Quality control. We know that Safe Trailers   Save Lives and we do care about our product and our customers.   Sincerely, Richard Brown, President, Acme Trailer LLc

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