Articulating wheel pans are obsolete and can be dangerous…

Below is a message I received from a customer this morning about one of my competitors tow dollies. I will not mention any names. This is one of the many dangers of an articulating wheel pan. A fixed wheel pan is much stronger and safer. Note; He was not using our tow dolly. This is not a letter about our product, but rather a competitors product. This fishTailing cannot happen with our tow dolly.   Richard.
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Dear eze-tow,

i like the separate ramps, just wondering, think i could use an anti sway type hitch setup like travel trailers have? had a wreck tonight, had a car on a dolly, was fine for 50-60 miles on surface roads, THEN got on the interstate, made it about 5 miles when an eighteen wheeler blew passed me at 80+ mph, car and dolly fishtailed, totaled car and dolly!!!!!!!!!!! lucky my truck made it with only a broken tailight !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hydraulic “DISC” Brake Tow Dolly RV Towing Tow Bar

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