Tow Dolly Brakes, are they required?

I am frequently asked for my opinion about tow dolly brakes. Put simply, brakes are always a good idea. Legally brakes are required. I know, I know, many tow dolly dealers will tell you that if you are driving a big class A diesel pusher you don’t need brakes. However the truth is that to be 50 state legal and Canadian Compliant you must have brakes. If you will never tow anything on your towdolly then you will not need brakes, but if you load your tow dolly and meet or exceed the 3000 GVWR mark then brakes are required in all 50 states. 9 out of 10 dollies sold have brakes. If you ever want to sell your dolly the first question the caller will ask you is if it has brakes. Idler ( no brakes ) tow dollies are obsolete. We no longer offer them. One must wonder why do the big dolly manufacturers continue to offer idler dollies for sale. Many people do not know what they do not know. Selling idler dollies to the public is a disservice to the public at large. Here at Acme Trailer LLc we are proud to be the only manufacturer in the world that offers a Hydraulic Surge Disc Brake Tow Dolly. So, do you your homework, choose carefully. Have a great and safe day.

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