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To date we have sold nearly 13000 tow dollies all over North America. About 40% of our tow dollies are sold to our northern neighbors in Canada. Of course no one builds a perfect product, although we do strive to do so. That being said… we had a customer back on April 22nd 2010 that bought a tow dolly on Amazon. He became very agitated about the fact that he had to pay for residential delivery. This is of course usual for most shipping services. He was angry and accused me of being dishonest, a liar, a thief, and etc. I refunded his money, but he was not satisfied. Since then he has gone online and started a campaign of reputation assasination on our company. He has left several negative reviews all under different names, but all essentially the same. He has published several lies and is in general making disparaging remarks about me and our company. He is also pushing a competitors product in these reviews. If you look very closely you will see that all these reviews first appear on or after April 22nd 2010, most within a few days of that date. If any of this was true you would see genuine reviews and complaints from others spread out over an extended period of time. I have since spoken with him on 05-04-10 and he was actually agreeable and we were both able to close this unfortunate chapter and move on. He went online the same day and removed every negative review he could but unfortunately he could not remove them all. So, if you see this please do not let them scare you. If you have questions please call and talk to me. I assure you we build a premium high quality product at a true wholesale price and we do offer very good customer service and warranty service. Thanks, Have a great day. Richard Brown, President Acme Tank & Trailer LLc. 336-996-4396

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