Dinghy Towing

Need to tow a Dinghy or a toad behind your RV? While the “EZE-TOW” dolly is great for anyone who requires some extra towing capabilities, it is a perfect accessory for the retiree exploring the country in a recreational vehicle. Our product makes an excellent RV tow dolly for any cross-country trip you might be planning.

When you’re out camping, you don’t want to have to drive your RV just to get to the next hiking trail. That would be a waste of time and fuel. For the person wondering how to tow a car behind an RV, the “EZE-TOW” is the solution. With our unique car towing dolly, you will not have any trouble transporting a vehicle behind the RV, whether it’s an automobile, all-terrain vehicle or golf cart.

The “EZE-TOW” is also incredibly lightweight at only 405 pounds. When you are already driving a behemoth of an RV, the last thing you want to do is further weigh your journey down with a heavy tow dolly. Our RV tow dolly makes towing a car behind an RV incredibly easy.

All parts on the dolly are welded together. This provides much more security and safety as bolts tend to come loose over time. Our towing dolly is structurally sound and robust. It is built to last whatever an RV trip might throw at it.