Acme Trailer

Acme Tow Dolly Company presents a unique product: the “EZE-TOW” car tow dolly. This heavy-duty tow dolly presents some premium features you can only find in expensive, high-end equipment trailers. The highlights of the “EZE-TOW” dolly lie in its design changes. The dolly features dozens of improvements to the traditional tow dolly design, which is over 35 years old

“EZE-TOW” has done away with nuts and bolts that can come loose, instead opting for a fully welded frame and cross bracing. Tow dollies don’t have suspension systems. As such, bolts can loosen over time, causing structural issues, and presenting a distinct problem with safety. A 100% fully welded Tow Dolly makes for a much safer, stronger dolly.

The “EZE-TOW” dolly also uses “vault” hubs, which contain a unique hybrid lubricant that turns into an oil bath under heat, keeping your hubs and bearings well-greased for the lifetime of your dolly. What this means for you is less time and money wasted on lubrication service or maintenance. The hubs are also pressurized to keep out debris and moisture while ensuring proper distribution of lubricants.

Despite all the added features and functionality, the “EZE-TOW” remains the lightest car tow dolly currently on the market, weighing in at about 380 pounds. Don’t assume it can’t take the load though. Each tire has a 1,650-pound rating, which, when used in conjunction with the axle’s rating of 3,500 pounds, allows this lightweight dolly to tow a vehicle with a curb weight of up to 4,985 pounds..



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